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James R Wilcox

(This person is no longer with ARS)
Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
Increasing Seed Protein in Soybean [glycine Max (L.) MERR.] with Eight Cycles of Recurrent Selection - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (16-Mar-98)
Response of Determinate and Indeterminate Soybean Near-Isolines to Row Spacing and Planting Date - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (06-Feb-98)
Public Soybean Varieties for Indiana (1998) - (Experiment Station) - (01-Feb-98)
Savoy Soybean in Indiana - (Other) - (01-Jan-98)
Omaha Soybean in Indiana - (Other) - (01-Jan-98)
Ia3005 Soybean in Indiana - (Other) - (01-Jan-98)
Athow Soybean in Indiana - (Other) - (01-Jan-98)
Registration of C1944 and C1945 Soybean Germplasm with High Seed Protein and Moderate Seed Oil Concentration - (Germplasm Release) - (31-Dec-97)
Soybean Genotypes Resistant to Prevalent Races of Phytophthora Sojae Compensate for Yield Losses of Susceptible Isolines - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (20-Nov-97)
Non Peroxidase Oxidation of Guaiacol - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (01-Sep-97)
Registration of 'athow' Soybean - (Germplasm Release) - (31-Mar-97)
Public Soybean Varieties for Indiana (1997) - (Experiment Station) - (27-Feb-97)
Ia2008r and Ia2022 Soybeans in Indiana - (Experiment Station) - (15-Jan-97)
Relationships Between Seed Yield and Seed Protein in Determinate and Indeterminate Soybean Populations - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (15-Aug-96)
Mapping Qtl for Seed Protein and Oil Content in Eight Soybean Populations - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (12-Aug-96)
Genome Duplication in Soybean (Glycine Subgenus Soja) - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (06-Jun-96)
Microplate Assay for Soybean Seed Cost Peroxidase Activity - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (15-Apr-96)
Soybean Breeding - (Book / Chapter) - (01-Mar-96)
Public Soybean Varieties for Indiana (1996) - (Experiment Station) - (29-Feb-96)
Kenwood 94 Soybean in Indiana - (Experiment Station) - (31-Jan-96)
Stressland Soybean in Indiana - (Experiment Station) - (31-Jan-96)
Probst Soybean in Indiana - (Experiment Station) - (31-Jan-96)
Yale Soybean in Indiana - (Experiment Station) - (31-Jan-96)
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