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Julie M. Tarara

Research Horticulturist





 Julie Tarara

Julie Tarara

Research Horticulturist

Horticultural Crops

Research Unit

24106 N Bunn Road

Prosser, WA  99350

Office: (509) 786-9392

Fax: (509) 786-9277   





The viticulture program based in Prosser, WA works toward developing better farming practices in vineyards by studying the effects of the physical environment (sunlight, temperature, wind, humidity) on grapevines. 


Because plants cannot move themselves away from an undesirable environment (unlike us, they can't sit in the shade or put on another sweater), it is important to understand how the environment affects grapevine biology, which we pursue by conducting experiments in vineyards in conjunction with plant physiologists and other biologists. 


With this knowledge, grape growers may have the opportunity to modify the environment around the vine or within the vineyard with adaptations to things like trellising, irrigation, soil cover, or other farming practices intended to keep the vines in the most favorable microclimate for the production of high-quality grapes.



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