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Key Publications (last 5 years)

Salvucci, M.E. (2000) Sorbitol accumulation in whiteflies: evidence for a role in protecting proteins during heat stress. Journal of Thermal Biology 25: 353-361

Crafts-Brandner, S.J. and Salvucci, M.E. (2000) Rubisco activase constrains the photosynthetic potential of leaves at high temperature and CO2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 97: 13430-13435

Banfield, M.J., Salvucci, M.E., Baker, E.N. and Smith, C.A. (2001) Crystal structure of the NADP(H)-dependent ketose reductase (sorbitol dehydrogenase) from Bemisia argentifolii (silverleaf whitefly) at 2.3 Ã… resolution. Journal of Molecular Biology 306: 239 - 250

Law, R.D., Crafts-Brandner, S.J. and Salvucci, M.E. (2001) Heat stress induces the synthesis of a new form of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco) activase in cotton leaves. Planta 214: 117-125

Salvucci, M.E., Osteryoung, K.W., Crafts-Brandner, S.J. and Vierling, E. (2001) Exceptional sensitivity of Rubisco activase to thermal denaturation in vitro and in vivo. Plant Physiology 127: 1053-1064

Spreitzer, R.J. and Salvucci, M.E. (2002) Rubisco:interactions, associations and the possibilities of a better enzyme. Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology, 53: 449-475

Crafts-Brandner, S.J. and Salvucci, M.E. (2002) Sensitivity of the C4 plant, maize, to heat stress. Plant Physiology 129: 1773-1780

Portis, A.R.Jr. and Salvucci, M.E. (2002) The discovery of Rubisco activase - yet another story of serendipity. Photosynthesis Research 73: 257-264

Salvucci, M.E., van de Loo, F.J. and Stecher, D.S. (2003) Two isoforms of Rubisco activase in cotton, the products of separate genes not alternative splicing. Planta 216: 736-744

Salvucci, M.E. (2003) Distinct sucrose isomerases catalyze trehalulose synthesis in whiteflies, Bemisia argentifolii, and Erwinia rhapontici. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 135B: 385-395

Salvucci, M.E. and Crafts-Brandner, S.J. (2004) Inhibition of photosynthesis by heat stress: the activation state of Rubisco as a limiting factor in photosynthesis. Physiologia Plantarum 120: 179-186

Salvucci, M.E.  (2004) Potential for interactions between the carboxy and amino termini of Rubisco activase subunits.  FEBS Letters. 560, 205-209


Salvucci, M.E. and Crafts-Brandner, S.J.  (2004)  Relationship between the heat tolerance of photosynthesis and the thermal stability of Rubisco activase in plant from contrasting thermal environments.  Plant Physiology  134, 1460-1470


Crafts-Brandner, S.J. and Salvucci, M.E. (2004)   Analyzing the impact of high temperature and CO2 on net photosynthesis: biochemical mechanisms, models and genomics.  Field Crops Research, 90, 75-85


Salvucci, M.E. and Crafts-Brandner, S.J.  (2004)  Mechanism for deactivation of Rubisco under moderate heat stress.  Physiologia Plantarum 122, 513-519


Li, C., Salvucci, M.E. and Portis, A.R., Jr. (2005) Two residues of Rubisco activase involved in recognition of the Rubisco substrate.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 280, 24864 - 24869
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