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Stephen G Saathoff (Steve)
Biological Control of Insects Research
Biological Science Lab Technician

Phone: (573) 876-8318
Fax: (573) 875-5364
COLUMBIA, MO, 65203-0000

Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
Growth and Development of the Knapweed Root Weevil, Cyphocleonus Achates, on a Meridic Larval Diet - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Goodman, C.L., Phipps, S.J., Wagner, R.M., Peters, P., Wright Osment, M.M., Nabli, H., Saathoff, S.G., Vickers, B.V., Grasela, J.J., Mcintosh, A.H. 2005. Growth and development of the knapweed root weevil, Cyphocleonus achates, on a meridic larval diet. Biological Control. 36:238-246.
Rearing and Morphology of the Knapweed Weevil, Cyphocleonus Achates - (Abstract Only)
PHIPPS, S.J., GOODMAN, C.L., SAATHOFF, S.G., WRIGHT OSMENT, M.M., PETERS, P., WAGNER, R.M. Rearing and Morphology of the Knapweed Weevil, Cyphocleonus achates. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI LIFE SCIENCES WEEK. 2003. Available from:
Yields of Occlusion Bodies from Heliothis Virescens and Heliothis Zea Larvae Fed Wild Or Recombinant Strains of Hzsnpv and Acmnpv - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (21-Feb-00)
Mortality and Feeding of Mid-Instar Larvae of Helicoverpa Zea and Heliothisvirescens Fed a Wild Strain Or a Recombinant Strain of Baculovirus Heliothis Expressing An Insect-Specific Toxin - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (10-Feb-99)
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