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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service


Soil Scientist

Michael Russelle


B.S., Oregon State University, Agronomy

M.S., Oregon State University, Crop Science

Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Agronomy



Research Interests

  • Improving N, P, and K cycling and use on farms.
  • Quantifying the benefits of alfalfa-corn rotations.
  • Reducing nitrate loading of surface and ground water.
  • Improving manure application options on alfalfa.


Current or Planned Experiments 

  • Predicting and measuring soil N availability to alfalfa.
  • Assessing N supply to corn following alfalfa.  
  • Determining nutrient runoff when manure is applied to alfalfa.


Laboratory Personnel 

  • Ryan Maher, Biological Science Research Technician
  • Matt Yost, M.S. student, University of Minnesota (Jeff Coulter, advisor)   
  • Brendan McShane, Agric. Sci. Res. Asst.
  • Tony Stewart, Agric. Sci. Res. Asst.

Last Modified: 9/5/2012