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Michael J Powell
Sustainable Biofuels and Co-Products

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Corn kernel oil and corn fiber oil - (Book / Chapter)
Moreau, R.A., Singh, V., Powell, M.J., Hicks, K.B. 2009. Corn kernel oil and corn fiber oil. Book Chapter in "Gourmet and Health-Promoting Specialty Oils", ed. by R. A. Moreau and A. Kamal-Eldin, AOCS Press, Urbana, pp. 409-431.
A Comparison of Commercial Enzymes for the Aqueous Enzymatic Extraction of Corn Oil from Corn Germ - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Moreau, R.A., Johnston, D., Powell, M.J., Hicks, K.B. 2004. A comparison of commercial enzymes for the aqueous enzymatic extraction of corn oil from corn germ. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, V.81, No. 11, p.1071-1075.
Aqueous Enzymatic Extraction of Corn Oil from Corn Germ - (Abstract Only)
Moreau, R.A., Powell, M.J., Johnston, D., Hicks, K.B. Aqueous enzymatic extraction of corn oil from corn germ. Meeting Abstract. 96th AOCS Anual Meeting & Expo., Salt Lake City, UT, May 1-5, 2005. Biotechnology Poster 1.
Hydrolysis of Natural Phytosterol Conjugates by Mammalian Digestive Enzymes - (Other)
Moreau, R.A., Powell, M.J., Hicks, K.B. 2004. Hydrolysis of natural phytosterol conjugates by mammalian digestive enzymes. Meeting Abstract. 95th AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo, Cincinnati, OH, May 9-12, 2004, Session Bio-P, Poster 4.
Evaluation of Commercial Enzyme-Based Serum Cholesterol Test Kit for Analysis of Phytosterol and Phytostanol Products - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Moreau, R. A., Powell, M. J. and Hicks, K.B., 2003. Evaluation of a commercial enzyme-based serum cholesterol test kit for the analysis of phytosterol and phytostanol products. Journal of Agriculture Food Chemistry 51:6663-6667.
Pressurized Liquid Extraction of Polar and Nonpolar Lipids in Corn and Oats with Hexane, Methylene Chloride, Isopropanol, and Ethanol - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Moreau, R.A., Powell, M.J., Singh, V. Pressurized liquid extraction of polar and nonpolar lipids in corn and oats with hexane, methylene chloride, isopropanol, and ethanol. Journal of American Oil Chemists' Society 80:1063-1067.2003.
Effect of Endogenous Triacylglycerol Hydrolysates on the Mechanical Properties of Zein Films from Ground Corn - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (18-Mar-02)
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