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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Thomas J. Trout

Research Leader

Thomas Trout Dr. Thomas Trout
Research Leader and Supervisory Agricultural Engineer


Water Management Research Unit
2150 Centre Avenue, Bldg D, Suite 320
Fort Collins, CO 80526

PHONE: (970) 492-7419
FAX: (970) 492-7408


Degrees   Research   Publications


Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water) 1979 Colorado State University
M.S. Agricultural Engineering (Soil and Water) 1975 Colorado State University
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1972 Case Western Reserve University

Research Areas:

  General research area is soil and water management in irrigated farming systems. Specific research emphases include irrigation scheduling, remote sensing of crop water requirements, deficit irrigation practices, engineering efficient surface and micro-irrigation systems; soil, water, and management factors that affect infiltration rates and water distribution uniformity under irrigation; determining crop water requirements and good irrigation practices for horticultural crops; modeling and reducing irrigation-induced erosion; reducing energy use in micro-irrigation systems; and developing systems and management practices to apply soil fumigants through drip irrigation systems.



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