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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Zengshe Liu (Kevin)
Research Chemist

 Kevin Liu

Phone: (309) 681-6104
Fax: (309) 681-6524
Room 3200
1815 N University St.
Peoria IL 61604

Research Interests

Research in my laboratory is primarily focused on producing bio-based industrial products from lipid feedstocks via chemical transformation. Specific areas of study include:

·         3D Printing of Biomaterials: Soft Biomaterials and Smart Materials 


·         Controlled Release Systems: pH and Temperature Reversible Biomaterials for Controlled Drug  


·        Green Reactions: Supercritical and Sub-supercritical CO2 Media and Microwave Assisted Reactions


·         Kinetics and Catalysis: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysts


·        Polymer Science and Engineering: Polymerization, Chemical Modification of Polymers, and Properties Characterization of Polymers


·         Environmental Chemistry and Engineering: Wastewater Treatment and Selective Separation via Ion and Ligand Exchange


·         Functionalized Polymers: Applications in Catalysis and Surfactants


·         Composites: Reinforced and Hybrid Materials



Last Modified: 3/2/2014
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