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James David May

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Effects of Drying Method and Rearing Temperature on Broiler Manure Nutrient Content - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Sistani, K.R., Rowe, D.E., Miles, D.M., May, J.D. 2001. Effects of drying method and rearing temperature on broiler manure nutrient content. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 32:2307-2316.
Effect of Stocking Density on Broiler Performance Using Sand and Wood Shavings As Broiler Bedding Material - (Abstract Only)
Miles, D.M., Lott, B.D., May, J.D., Simmons, J.D., Branton, S.L. 2001. Effect of stocking density on broiler performance using sand and wood shavings as broiler bedding material [abstract]. Poultry Science 80S:15.
High Cyclic Temperatures with Differing Air Velocities: the Effect on Performance of Male Broilers - (Abstract Only)
Lott, B.D., Simmons, J.D., May, J.D., Branton, S.L., Miles, D.M. 2001. High cyclic temperatures with differing air velocities: The effect on performance of male broilers [abstract]. Poultry Science. 80(Supplement1):22.
Air Velocity and Heat Dissipation from Broilers - (Proceedings)
May, J.D., Lott, B.D., Simmons, J.D., Miles, D.M. 2000. Air velocity and heat dissipation from broilers. Proceedings XXI World Poultry Congress Conference. p. 15-17.
Phosphorus Excreta: Effect of Diet and Rearing Environment in Male and Female Broilers - (Proceedings)
Miles, D.M., May, J.D., Lott, B.D. 2000. Phosphorus excreta: effect of diet and rearing environment in male and female broilers. Procedings XXI World Poultry Congress Proceedings. p. 10-14.
The Effects of Ts-11 Strain Mycoplasma Gallisepticum Vaccination in Commercial Layers on Egg Production and Selected Egg Quality Parameters - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (10-Apr-00)
Air Velocity and Broiler Performance - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (21-Oct-97)
The Effect of Environmental Temperature and Body Weight on Growth Rate and Feed:gain of Male Broilers - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (19-May-97)
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