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David M Klurfeld
Nutrition, Food Safety/Quality
Human Nutrition

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Team Projects (Appropriated | All) 119 projects listed

Analysis of the Biochemical Pathway and Genetics of Seed Phytate in Barley
Improvement of Wheat Quality Through Molecular Genetics
Analysis of Phytochemical Metabolism in Oat and Barley
Genetic and Genomic Basis of Vegetable and Fruit Biology, Quality and Nutrient Content
Molecular Analysis of Proteins Involved in Wheat Flour Quality and Allergenic Potential in Response to Environmental and Nutritional Stress
Enhancing the Competitiveness of U.S. Peanuts and Peanut-Based Cropping Systems
Production, Stabilization and Formulation of Microbial Agents and Their Natural Products
Developing Technologies That Enable Growth and Profitability in the Commercial Conversion of Sugarcane, Sweet Sorghum, and Energy Beets into Sugar, Advanced Biofuels, and Bioproducts
Enable New Marketable, Value-Added Coproducts to Improve Biorefining Profitability
Farm-Scale Pyrolysis Biorefining
Technologies for Improving Industrial Biorefineries That Produce Marketable Biobased Products
New Biobased Products and Improved Biochemical Processes for the Biorefining Industry
Integrating the Development of New Feed Ingredients and Functionality and Genetic Improvement to Enhance Sustainable Production of Rainbow Trout
Vegetable Oil-Based Fuels, Additives and Coproducts
Food Factors to Prevent Obesity and Related Diseases
Energy Regulation and Obesity
Genomics, Nutrition, and Health
Cardiovascular Nutrition and Health
Vision, Aging, and Nutrition
Novel Functions and Biomarkers for Vitamins and Minerals
Cancer Prevention Via Diet
USDA Dietary Supplement Ingredient Database
Dietary Guidelines Adherence and Healthy Body Weight Maintenance
Rural Aging Study
Assessing the Impact of Diet on Inflammation in Healthy and Obese Adults in a Cross-Sectional Phenotyping Study and a Longitudinal Intervention Trial
Diet, Inflammation and Prevention of Chronic Disease
Improving Public Health by Understanding Diversity in Diet, Body, and Brain Interactions
Nutritional Epidemiology
Biology of Obesity Prevention
Bioproducts from Agricultural Feedstocks
Maintaining Quality and Extending Shelf and Shipping Life of Fresh Fruit with No Or Minimal Synthetic Pesticide Inputs
Functionalization of Vegetable Oils for Use in the Polymer, Oleochemical, and Lubricant Industries
Develop Methods to Assess and Improve Poultry and Eggs Quality
Sensing Methods & Instrumentation for Rapid Determination of Moisture Content... and Other Quality Attributes of Grains, Seeds, & Nuts
Improve Fiber Quality and Industry Profitability Through Enhanced Efficiencies in Cotton Ginning
Preservation, Enhancement, and Measurement of Grain Quality and Marketability
Processing Technologies to Prevent Weight Gain and Obesity Related Metabolic Diseases
Enhanced Utilization of Carbohydrates and Polysaccharides from Citrus Processing Waste Streams
Modification of Natural Polymers by Novel Processes
Biobased Industrial Products from Food Animal Processing By-Products
Reduction of Allergenicity Through Food Processing
Discovery and Development of Natural Products for Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Applications
What We Eat in America - Dietary Survey: Data Collection, Interpretation, Dissemination, and Methodology
Metabolism and Molecular Targets of Macro and Micro Food Components in the Development and Management of Obesity and Chronic Diseases
Absorption, Metabolism, and Health Impacts of Bioactive Food Components
Health Roles of Dietary Selenium in Obesity
Nutritional Metabolism in Mothers, Infants, and Children
Pediatric Clinical Nutrition
Childhood Obesity Prevention
Developmental Determinants of Obesity in Infants and Children
Molecular, Cellular, and Regulatory Aspects of Nutrition During Development
Metabolite Profiling and Chemical Fingerprinting Methods for Characterization of Foods, Botanical Supplements, and Biological Materials
Immunity, Inflammation, and Nutrition in Aging
Bioavailability of Iron, Zinc and Select Phytochemicals for Improved Health
Sarcopenia, Nutrition, and Physical Activity
Nutrients, Aging, and Musculoskeletal Function
Neurocognition/neuroscience (Bridging Project)
One Carbon Nutrients and Metabolism
Impact of Early Dietary Factors on Child Development and Health
Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity Related Health Behaviors in Children and Their Environment
Regulatory Mechanisms Induced by Health-Promoting Bioactive Food Components on Sex Steroid Hormone-Dependent Pathways, Cancer Cell-Stromal Cell Interactions, and the Gut Microbiome
Dietary Regulation of Immunity and Inflammation
Health Promoting Roles of Food Bio-Active Phenolic Compounds on Obesity-Altered Heart, and Kidney Functions and Physiology
USDA National Nutrient Databank for Food Composition
Forest Products Research
Plant Components and Aging
Healthy Eating and Lifestyle for Total Health (Health)
New Sustainable Processing Technologies to Produce Healthy, Value-Added Foods from Specialty Crops and Their Co-Products
Rice As a Source and Delivery System for Nutrients and Lipophilic Bioactive Compounds
Postharvest Sensory, Processing and Packaging of Catfish
Chemical Modification of Cotton for Value Added Applications
Novel Technologies for Producing Renewable Chemicals and Polymers from Carbohydrates Derived from Agricultural Feedstocks
Improvement and Utilization of Natural Rubber and Castor Oil-Producing Industrial Crops
Microstructured and Health-Functionalized Food Proteins
Sustainable Strategies to Lower the Environmental and Economic Impacts of Food Processing Using Fluid Milk As a Template
Coordinated Analysis of Soybean Breeding Germplasm
Value-Added Products from Cottonseed
Identifying the Next Generation of Malting Barley Through Improved Selection Criteria and Quality Analysis of Breeding Lines
Enhancement of Hard Spring Wheat, Durum, and Oat Quality
Enhance Wheat Quality, Functionality and Marketability in the Western U.S.
Functional Food Development by Microbial Biotechnology
Evaluation and Maintenance of Flavor, Nutritional and Other Quality Attributes of Fresh and Fresh-Cut Produce
Optical and Mechanical Instrumentation for Quality Assessment of Small Grains
Improving Stability and Healthfulness of U.S. Commodity Vegetable Oils and Products
Improved Utilization of Ag. Products Through Identification of Nitrogen-Containing Bioactive Components Important to Quality & Human Health
Environmentally Friendly Processes and New Applications for Animal Hides and Leather
Enhancing Quality, Utility, Sustainability, Environmental Impact of Cotton and Its Byproducts Through Improvement in Harvest/gin Processing
Quality Based Inspection and Sorting of Specialty Crops Using Imaging and Physical Methods
Discovery and Utilization of Bioactive Components from New Crops and Agricultural Co-Products
Improving Human Health Using Functional Food Ingredients from by-Products of Grain Milling Industries Using Innovative Technologies
Amylose Helical Inclusion Complexes for Food and Industrial Applications
Enhancing Profitability & Sustainability Upland Cotton, Cottonseed, & Cotton Byprod Through Imprvmnts in Harvesting, Ginning, & Mech Process
Genetic and Biochemical Basis of Soft Winter Wheat Quality
Improve Grain Sorghum End-Use Quality & Utilization by Identifying the Physical, Chemical & Environmental Factors Related to Food & Feed...
Biochemical and Physical Characterization of Hard Winter Wheat Quality for End-Use Quality
Improved Potato Market Quality Through Germplasm Processing Evaluations and Optimized Storage Technologies
Systems to Assess, Monitor, and Preserve Peanut Quality and Safety
Bioactive Constituents and Specialty Food Fibers As Value-Added Products from Citrus Processing Waste
Metabolomic and Microbial Profiling of Tropical/subtropical Fruits and Small Fruits for Quality Factors and Microbial Stability
Genetic, Metabolic, and Physiological Factors Regulating Deciduous Tree Fruit Quality
Improvement & Maintenance of Flavor & Shelf-Life, Functional Characteristics & Biochem/bioactive Process, & Use of Genetic/genomic Resource
Identification and Manipulation of Postharvest Physiological and Molecular Processes Controlling Potato Nutritional and Market Quality
Genetic and Biochemical Mechanisms Determining Fresh Produce Quality and Storage Life
Cotton-Based Nonwovens
New and Improved Assessments of Cotton Quality
Influence of Structure and Moisture on Cotton Fiber Properties
Novel Technology for Renewable Resource Utilization
Production and Value Enhancement of Biosurfactants and Biopolymers Derived from Agricultural Lipids and Coproducts
Technologies for Quality Measurement and Grading of Fruits and Vegetables
Optimization of the Nutritional, Functional, and Sensory Properties of Raw and Processed Legumes, Grains, and Specialty Crops
Bio-Based Lubricants from Farm-Based Raw Materials
Improved Utilization of Proteinaceous Crop Co-Products and Residues
Novel Starch-Based Materials
Viscoelastic Properties and Polymer Composite Applications of Nano-Materials Derived from Agricultural Byproducts and Feedstocks
Development and Utilization of New Oilseed Crops and Products
Improved Processes for Cucumbers, Cabbage, Sweetpotatoes, and Peppers to Make High Quality, Nutritious Products and Reduce Pollution
Processing Methods to Modify the Levels of Biologically Active Compounds in Milk and Cheese
Primary and Secondary Prevention of Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy
Chemistry of Natural Products for Nutraceutical Use, Pest Management and Crop Development
Obesity Prevention Research in the Mississippi Delta/South Central US
General Cooperative Agreement (A)
  Accession Number: 427486
Whole Grains Workshop
General Cooperative Agreement (A)
  Accession Number: 427733
Appropriated (D)
  Accession Number: 409050
Obesity Prevention Research in the Mississippi Delta
Appropriated (D)
  Accession Number: 426739
A Developmental Approach to Childhood Obesity: The Fetal and Early Childhood Years
Grant (G)
  Accession Number: 425583
MOU between USDA/ARS, USDA/NIFA, and Dairy Management Inc.
Memorandum of Understanding (M)
  Accession Number: 428120
Nonfunded Cooperative Agreement (N)
  Accession Number: 420250
Specific Cooperative Agreement (S)
  Accession Number: 423500

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Understanding the barriers and facilitators to dietary guidelines adherence: The HEALTH study - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (02-May-13)
What do government agencies consider in the debate over added sugars - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (17-Sep-12)
Editorial: Conflict of interest policy for Editors of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - (Review Article)
Bier, D.M., Abrams, S.A., Bowman, B.A., Fukagawa, N.K., Gitlin, J.D., Klurfeld, D.M., Sacks, F.M. 2007. Editorial: Conflict of interest policy for Editors of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 86(1):3-4.
Snack Foods, Obesity and Realistic Recommendations - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (23-Dec-04)
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