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United States Department of Agriculture

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Jeffrey W. White
Research Plant Physiologist


Plant Physiology & Genetics Research Unit

USDA-ARS, Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center


Jeffrey W. White

Research Plant Physiologist

Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center

21881 North Cardon Lane

Maricopa, AZ 85239 USA




Ph.D. Botany, University of California-Berkeley 1981

B.A. Biology, Harvard College 1975


Research Interests: 

Has studied the physiology of crop adaptation to water deficits, photoperiod and temperature. Emphasis has been on field-level studies of whole plant growth and development and use of simulation models to guide hypothesis generation. For much of his professional career the research was largely tied to crop improvement and understanding the genetic basis of differences in adaptation, which also lead to explorations on use of integration of information from genomics with field-level physiology. Over the past ten years, emphasis has expanded to understanding crop response to management, especially tillage and residue management and to scaling up patterns of crop adaptation using geospatial techniques and integrated data management. Current research deals with predicting likely impacts of global change on crop production.

Key Publications

Publications from Research at the USALARC

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    (Last updated May 6, 2004)

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