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William M. Iversen (Bill)

Physical Scientist


Bill IversenWilliam "Bill" M. Iversen


Phone: 406.433.9417
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Engineering Technology



Electronics Technology



Electrical Technology






Vocational - Technical Education

Northwest College and University Association for Science Application Engineering Appointment 1976, Richland WA




William (Bill) Iversen began working winter seasons with the ARS as a computer assistant in 1990. He helped to install the initial computer network cabling and equipment at the Sidney location. In addition to providing computer support to the Sidney location, his duties included implementation of the use of the then fledgling Global Positioning and Geographic Information Systems for a leafy spurge biological control program.


In 1997 Bill was recruited as a Physical Science Technician for a site-specific farming initiative under the direction of Dr. Gerry Anderson. This position utilized skills in the integration of remote sensing, global positioning, yield monitors and geographic information system technology in the mapping of specific variables relating to crop yield and quality.


He has long been interested in minimum tillage and in 1993 and 1994 received grants from the Alternate Energy Resource Organization to study strip tillage in sugar beets on his farm.


Iversen taught electronics at the University of South Dakota/Springfield from 1976 to 1978 before electing to farm full time. He has owned and operated an irrigated and dryland farm since 1978, growing sugar beets, dry beans, corn, alfalfa, wheat and malting barley, as well as a cattle feedlot.



Please note: The most recent publications by this scientist may not yet be listed here. Please check the ARIS "Publications" page for possible new titles.

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