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Mark S Hopkins

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Construction of a Reference Genetic Linkage Map for Watermelon - (Proceedings)
Levi, A., Thies, J.A., Simmons, A.M., Thomas, C.E., Wehner, T., Joubeur, T., Zhang, X., Reddy, O., Davis, A.R., Hopkins, M.S. 2002. Construction of A Reference Genetic Linkage Map For Watermelon. Cucurbitaceae Proceedings. pp 28-35.
Genetic Diversity in the U.S. National Plant Germplasm Subterranean Clover Collection As Revealed by Aflp. - (Abstract Only)
Hopkins, M.S., Morris, J.B., Dean, R.E. Genetic diversity in the u.s. national plant germplasm subterranean clover collectoin as revealed by aflp. crop science, 2000. Agronomy abstracts 92:195.
Embryo Rescue and Regeneration of Deteriorated Special-Purpose Legume Genetic Resources: "crotalaria, Indigofera, Lablab Purpureus, Senna" and "sesbania" Species - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Morris, J.B., Hopkins, M.S., Embryo rescue and regeneration of deteriorated special-purpose legume genetic resources: genetic resources: "crotalaria, indigofero, lablab purpureus, senna" and "sesbania" species. Diversity plant genetic resources journal, 2000. Diveristy: 16:24-26.
In Vitro Rescue and Regeneration of Deteriorated Desmodium Genetic Resources - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Morris, J.B., Hopkins, M.S. In vitro rescue and regeneration of deteriorated desmodium genetic resources. Crop science society of america 1999. Agronomy abstracts 91:167.
Undescribed Potyvirus of the Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus Subgroup in Sesbania Speciosa Germplasm - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (07-Apr-98)
Characteristics of Latent, Seedborne Bean Common Mosaic Potyvirus in Guar [cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (L.) Taubert] - (Abstract Only) - (17-Mar-98)
Legume Genetic Resources for Special-Purpose Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Use - (Abstract Only)
Morris, J.B., Hopkins, M.S. Legume genetic resources for special-purpose nutraceutical and pharmaceutical use. Crop science, 1996. Agronomy abstracts 88:175.
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