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Dwight A Bailey

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Cellulosic Fibers As Reinforcing Agents - (Abstract Only)
Inglesby, M.K., Buschle-Diller, .G., Guttman, M.E., Gray, G.M., Wood, D.F., Bailey, D.A. 2003. Cellulosic fibers as reinforcing agents. 225th American Chemical Society National Meeting, March 2003, New Orleans, Lousianana.
Rice Microstructure - Comparing Cultivars - (Proceedings)
Wood, D.F., Ogawa, Y., Bailey, D.A., Mckenzie, K., Mcclung, A.M., Ibanez-Carranza, A., Shoemaker, C.F. 2002. Rice microstructure - comparing cultivars. In: John P. Cherry and Attila E. Pavlath, eds., Proceedings of the United States/Japan Natural Resources Protein Panel 31st Annual Syposium. BB-1/BB-7.
Polymer Nanocomposites from Cellulose Microfibrils - (Review Article)
Orts, W.J., Inglesby, M.K., Glenn, G.M., Wood, D.F., Bailey, D.A., Revol, J. 2002. Polymer nanocomposites from cellulose microfibrils. Society of Plastics Engineers Proceedings. 30:4-6.
Using Adhesive Tape and Autofluorescence Characteristics to Determine Cell Wall Distribution in An Entire Longitudinal Section of a Rice Kernel - (Proceedings)
Ogawa, Y., Bailey, D.A., Wood, D.F. 2003. Using adhesive tape and autofluorescence characteristics to determine cell wall distribution in an entire longitudinal section of a rice kernel. In: John P. Cherry and Attila E. Pavlath, eds. United States/Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources Protein Panel 31st Annual Symposium. KK-1/KK-6.
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