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Jimmy R Raulston

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Spatial Distribution Patterns of the Mexican Rice Borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Sugar Cane - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Spurgeon, D.W., Raulston, J.R. 2005. Spatial distribution patterns of the Mexican rice borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in sugar cane. Journal of Entomological Science. 40:16-24.
Validation of Bollworm Migration Across South Central Texas in 1994-1996 - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (22-Jan-98)
An Improved Tractor-Mounted Pneumatic Insect Collector - (Proceedings) - (15-Jan-98)
Parasitism of Beet Armyworm by Trichogramma Pretiosum and T. Minutum under Laboratory and Field Conditions - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (03-Nov-97)
Influence of Fruit on Sampling and Control of Adult Boll Weevils - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (15-Oct-97)
Boll Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Reproductive Development As a Function of Temperature - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (05-Oct-97)
Comparative Evaluation of a Tractor Mounted Sampler for Sampling Arthropodsin Cotton - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (20-Sep-97)
Validation of Cotton Bollworm Migration Across South-Central Texas in 1994-1996 - (Proceedings) - (01-Jun-97)
An Overview of Crop Insects Research Unit Boll Weevil Research Activities - (Proceedings) - (15-Jan-97)
Population Trends of Beet Armyworm and Natural Enemy Associates on Lower Rio Grande Valley Cotton During the 1996 Production Season - (Proceedings) - (08-Jan-97)
Movement of Boll Weevils Relative to Cotton Plant Phenology - (Proceedings) - (05-Dec-96)
An Analysis of the Beet Armyworm Outbreak on Cotton in the Lower Rio Grandevalley of Texas During the 1995 Production Season - (Proceedings) - (11-Jan-96)
Boll Weevil Reproductive Development Responses to Crowding and Variations in Host Quality - (Proceedings) - (11-Jan-96)
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