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Timothy L Mounts

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Hplc Separations of Isomeric Tocotrienols - (Abstract Only) - (22-Jun-97)
Reversed-Phase Separations of Nitrogenous Phospholipids on An Octadecyl Polyvinyl Alcohol Phase - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (25-Feb-97)
Normal-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of Tocopherols on Polar Phases - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (21-Aug-96)
Soybean Oil Uses and Consumption - (Proceedings) - (09-Aug-96)
Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Separations of Tocopherol Antioxidants - (Abstract Only) - (16-Jun-96)
Hplc Separations of Molecular Species of Neutrally-Charged Phospholipids Onpolymer Columns - (Abstract Only) - (28-Apr-96)
Hplc-Evaporative Light Scattering Detection of Nitrogenous Phospholipids Ona Polyvinyl Alchol Column - (Abstract Only) - (28-Apr-96)
Effect of Interesterification on the Structure and Physical Properties of Genetically Modified Soybean Oils - (Abstract Only) - (28-Apr-96)
Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of Subcomponents of Phospholipid Derivatives - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (25-Mar-96)
Oxidative Stability of Purified Canola Oil Triacylglycerols from Genetically Modified; Normal, High Stearic and Lauric Acid; Canola Varieties As Affected by Triacylglycerol Composition and Structure - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (14-Mar-96)
Analysis of Minor Constituents of Selected Vegetable Oils - (Abstract Only) - (12-Mar-96)
Analysis of Minor Constituents of Selected Vegetable Oils - (Proceedings) - (10-Mar-96)
Analysis of Minor Constituents of Selected Vegetable Oils - (Abstract Only) - (10-Mar-96)
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