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William J McGuire

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Quantitation and Localization of Igf Binding Protein 2 Mrna in Endometrium from Early Pregnant Gilts with Crowded and Roomy Uterine Environments - (Abstract Only) - (12-Jun-96)
Quantitation and Localization of Retinol Binding Protein (Rbp) and Uteroferrin (Uf) Mrna in Uterine Tissue During the Estrous Cycle and Pregnancy in Swine - (Abstract Only) - (10-Jun-96)
Transferrin in Uterine Flushings and Conceptus Fluids During the Estrous Cycle and Pregnancy in Swine - (Abstract Only) - (22-Apr-96)
Intrauterine Cortisol and Corticosteroid Binding Globulin (Cbg) During Early Pregnancy and the Estrous Cycle in Pigs - (Abstract Only) - (19-Apr-96)
Quantitation and in Situ Localization of Uterine Retinol Binding Protein (Rbp) Mrna in Neonatal White Crossbred (Wc) and Meishan (M) Gilts. - (Abstract Only) - (25-May-95)
Association of Allantoic Fluid and Endometrial Retinol Binding Protein (Rbp) and Uteroferrin (Uf) During Gestation in the Pig - (Abstract Only) - (25-May-95)
Association Between Uteroferrin, Retinol Binding Protein and Transferrin Within the Uterine and Conceptus Compartments During Pregnancy in Swine - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (22-Apr-95)
Effect of Interleukin-3 on Ovine Trophoblast Interferon During Early Conceptus Development - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (30-Mar-95)
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