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Albert D Lovell

(This person is no longer with ARS)
Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
Role of the Grazing Animal in Soil Carbon Restoration in the Southern Piedmont - (Abstract Only) - (22-Oct-98)
Restoration of Soil Quality of Degraded Cropland with Coastal Bermudagrass While Maintaining Essentially Parasite-Free Pastures by Judicious Anthelmintic Treatment - (Abstract Only) - (22-Mar-98)
Broiler Litter and Grazing Pressure Impacts on Soil Organic C and N Pools. - (Abstract Only) - (26-Oct-97)
Potential Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization from Intact and Increasingly Disturbed Soils - (Abstract Only) - (26-Oct-97)
Using Simulations Models to Identify Voids in Knowledge of Beef Cattle/ Bermudagrass Grazing Systems in the South - (Abstract Only) - (01-Aug-97)
Cattle Management to Reduce Nematode Contamination Potential of Parasite-Free Bermudagrass Pastures. - (Proceedings) - (21-Jul-97)
Microbial Activity from Soils Varying in Texture in Response to Water Potential and Water-Filled Port Space. - (Abstract Only) - (28-May-97)
Assessing Soil Quality Variability Within and among Pasture Management Systems with Potentially Mineralizable Carbon - (Abstract Only) - (13-Apr-97)
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