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Jimmy H Hatchett

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Registration of Camelot Wheat Reprint Icon - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Baenziger, P.S., Graybosch, R.A., Nelson, L.A., Klein, R.N., Baltensperger, D.D., Xu, L., Wegulo, S.N., Watkins, J.E., Jin, Y., Kolmer, J.A., Hatchett, J.H., Chen, M., Bai, G. 2009. Registration of 'Camelot' Wheat. Journal of Plant Registrations. 3:256-263.
Release of Ne01643 Hard Red Winter Wheat - (Other)
Baenziger, P.S., Graybosch, R.A., Ibrahim, A., Baltensperger, D.D., Nelson, L.A., Jin, Y., Chen, M., Bai, G., Beecher, B.S., Hatchett, J.H. 2007. Release of ne01643 hard red winter wheat. USDA, Agricultural Resesarch Service, Cultivar Release.
Registration of 'hallam' Wheat - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Baenziger, P.S., Baltensperger, D.D., Nelson, L.A., Watkins, J.E., Beecher, B., Jin, Y., Hatchett, J.H., Chen, M., Bai, G., Graybosch, R.A. 2005. Registration of 'hallam' wheat. Crop Science. 46: 977-979.
Genetic Characterization and Molecular Mapping of a Hessian Fly Resistance Gene Transferred from T. Turgidum Ssp. Dioccum to Common Wheat - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Liu, X.M., Brown Guedira, G.L., Hatchett, J.H., Owuoche, J.O., Chen, M. 2005. Genetic characterization and molecular mapping of a hessian fly resistance gene transferred from t. turgidum ssp. dioccum to common wheat. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Genetics.
Registration of Goodstreak Wheat - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Baenziger, P.S., Beecher, B., Graybosch, R.A., Baltensperger, D.D., Nelson, L., Krall, J.M., Mcvey, D.V., Watkins, J.E., Hatchett, J.H., Chen, M. 2004. Registration of goodstreak wheat. Crop Science. 44:1473-1474.
Registration of 'harry' Wheat - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Baenziger, P.S., Beecher, B., Graybosch, R.A., Baltensperger, D.D., Nelson, L., Mcvey, D.V., Chen, M., Watkins, J.E., Hatchett, J.H. 2004. Registration of 'harry' wheat. Crop Science.44:1474-1475.
Biology and Genetics of the Hessian Fly and Resistance in Wheat - (Book / Chapter) - (02-May-97)
Complete Mortality of Hessian Fly Puparia in Two Large-Scale Tests to Confirm the Efficacy of a Multiple Quarantine Treatment for Complessed Hay Exported to Japan - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (16-Jun-96)
Registration of Wheat Germplasm (Pi 510693) Resistant to Hessian Fly Modified to Show Title As Actually Published - (Germplasm Release) - (31-May-94)
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