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David L Carter

(This person is no longer with ARS)
Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
Seasonal Trends in Furrow Irrigation Erosion in Southern Idaho - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (09-Jun-95)
Controlling Nitrate Leaching and Erosion on Irrigated Land - (Proceedings) - (10-Feb-95)
Crop Residue Management for Soil Conservation in Irrigated Lands of the Pacific Northwest - (Book / Chapter) - (20-Jan-95)
Nitro Alfalfa As An Alternative Crop in Conservation Tillage Rotations - (Other) - (01-Nov-94)
Growing Corn Following Spring Killed Alfalfa to Reduce Nitrate Leaching - (Abstract Only) - (20-Jun-94)
Irrigation-Induced Soil Erosion Reduces Yields and Muddies River - (Popular Publication) - (01-Jan-94)
New Technology to Control Irrigation-Induced Erosion - (Proceedings) - (31-Dec-93)
Reduced Tillage for Beans - (Proceedings) - (20-Jan-93)
Conservation Tillage Cropping Systems to Reduce Irrigation-Induced Erosion and Increase Net Profit - (Proceedings) - (31-Aug-92)
Conservation Tillage Cropping Systems to Reduce Irrigation-Induced Erosion Can Also Reduce Nitrate Leaching Following Alfalfa - (Proceedings) - (31-Aug-92)
The Impact of Irrigation Erosion Damage on Farm Profitability - (Proceedings) - (31-Aug-92)
Future ARS Research and Technology Transfer Programs for Irrigation-Inducederosion - (Proceedings) - (31-Aug-92)
Cropping Systems to Reduce Nitrate Leaching Following Legumes on Irrigated Land - (Abstract Only) - (04-May-92)
Conservation Tillage Cropping Systems Tor Reduce Erosion and Sediment Loss from Furrow Irrigated Land - (Abstract Only) - (04-May-92)
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