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Anthony L Dillard

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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The Use of Multidimensional Scaling in the Investigation of Ruminant Feed Preference - (Abstract Only) - (10-Nov-02)
Three Year Trends from Narms-Eb, 1997-1999: a Comparison of AR in Salmonella Isolated from Swine - (Proceedings)
Headrick, M.L., Cray, P.J., Wray, C., Dillard, A.L., Gray, J.T., Eubank, J.F. 2001. Three year trends from narms-eb, 1997-1999: a comparison of AR in salmonella isolated from swine. International Symposium on Epidemiology and Control of Salmonella in Pork. P. 380-383.
Distributions of E. Coli and Enterococci in the Surface Waters of the Upper Oconee Watershed of Georgia - (Proceedings)
Fisher, D.S., Dillard, A.L. 2003. Distributions of E. coli and enterococci in the surface waters of the Upper Oconee watershed of Georgia. Conference on Watershed Management to Meet Emerging TMDL Environmental Regulations. p. 119-122.
Use of N Provided by Crimson Clover in No-Till Pearl Millet for Hay Or Grazing in the Georgia Piedmont - (Abstract Only) - (01-Nov-99)
Restoration of Soil Quality of Degraded Cropland with Coastal Bermudagrass While Maintaining Essentially Parasite-Free Pastures by Judicious Anthelmintic Treatment - (Abstract Only) - (22-Mar-98)
Using Simulations Models to Identify Voids in Knowledge of Beef Cattle/ Bermudagrass Grazing Systems in the South - (Abstract Only) - (01-Aug-97)
Cattle Management to Reduce Nematode Contamination Potential of Parasite-Free Bermudagrass Pastures. - (Proceedings) - (21-Jul-97)
Assessing Soil Quality Variability Within and among Pasture Management Systems with Potentially Mineralizable Carbon - (Abstract Only) - (13-Apr-97)
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