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Robert W Goth

(This person is no longer with ARS)
Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
The Schultz Potato Virus Collection - (Abstract Only) - (02-Aug-99)
Studies on a New Carla Virus from Potato - (Abstract Only) - (01-Aug-99)
Evaluation of Potato Clones for Severity of Verticillium Wilt, Yield and Quality Characterization in Maine - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (26-Jul-99)
Characteristics and Distribution of the New Carla Virus Isolated from the Potato Cv. Red Lasoda - (Abstract Only) - (30-Jun-99)
Studies on Characteristics and Distribution of Red Lasoda Virus (Rlsv) in North America - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (31-Oct-98)
External Tuber Resistance to Corky Ringspot Is Controlled by Two Independent, Dominant Genes - (Abstract Only) - (20-Jul-98)
Distribution of Carlavirus Red Lasoda (Rlasv) - (Abstract Only) - (09-Jun-98)
Heritability of Resistance to Common Scab in Diploid Potatoes - (Abstract Only) - (11-Mar-98)
Production of Fumonisins B1, B2 and B3 by Fusarium Proliferatum Isolated from Rye Grains - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (03-Sep-97)
Effect of Verticillium Wilt on Yield, Tuber Size Distribution, Specific Gravity and Chip Color in Potatoes - (Abstract Only) - (26-Jul-97)
Release of Two Late Blight Resistant Potato Clones: B0718-3 and B0767-2 - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (09-Jun-97)
A Detached-Leaf Method to Evaluate Phytophthora Infestans Resistance in Potato and Tomato - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (20-May-97)
The Potato Virus S Resistance of Potato Clone B6603-12 - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (20-May-97)
Evaluation of Soft Rot Resistance in Potatoes by the Tuber Slice Method - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (05-Oct-96)
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