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Kang Duck Choi

(This person is no longer with ARS)
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Chicken Ifn-G Monoclonal Antibodies and Their Application in Elisa - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (12-Feb-00)
Eimeriatenella Induces Local Changes in the Intraepithelial Lymphocyte Subpopulations and Elicits Ifn-Gamma Production in the Intestine - (Abstract Only) - (20-Nov-99)
Changes in Local Ifn-Gamma and Tgf-Beta4 Mrna Expression and Intraepithelial Lymphocytes Following Eimeria Acervulina Infection - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (04-Sep-99)
Gene Cloning and Protein Expression of Chicken Il-15 - (Abstract Only) - (06-Dec-98)
Role of T Lymphocytes and Cytokines in Avian Coccidiosis - (Abstract Only) - (30-Sep-98)
Molecular and Functional Characterization of Chicken Il-15 and Il-15 Dependent Gamma,delta Tcr+ Lymphocytes - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (02-Sep-98)
Naked DNA Immunization with a Plasmid Encoding An Eimeria Surface Sporozoite Protein and Oral Feeding of Baculovirus Expressed Eimeria Protein Elicit Serum Antibodies and Reduce Oocyst Output - (Abstract Only) - (30-Aug-98)
Kinetics of Interferon Gamma Gene Expression in the Intestine Following Eimeria Acervulina Infection - (Abstract Only) - (20-Jul-98)
Molecular and Functional Characterization of a Novel Chicken Cytokine: Its Role in Gamma/delta T-Cell Growth and Coccidia Disease Resistance - (Abstract Only) - (30-Jun-98)
Molecular Cloning and Baculovirus Expression of a 19 Kilodalton Eimeria Protein Conserved on Sporozoites and Merozoites of Several Eimeria Species. - (Abstract Only) - (01-May-98)
Recombinant Chicken Interferon-Gamma Inhibits Eimeria Tenella Development in Vitro and Reduces Oocyst Production and Body Weight Loss Following Challenge Infection with E. Acervulina - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (28-Feb-98)
Molecular and Functional Characterization of Chicken Il-15 and Il-15 Dependent T Lymphocytes - (Proceedings) - (01-Feb-98)
Molecular Cloning and Functional Characterization of a Chicken Gene Encoding a T Cell Growth Factor - (Abstract Only) - (10-Apr-97)
Expression and Functional Characterization of a Chicken Cytokine with Macrophage Activating Activity - (Abstract Only) - (01-Apr-97)
Expression and Functional Characterizations of Recombinant Chicken Interferon-Gamma - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (05-Feb-97)
Molecular Cloning and Expression of Ifn-Y and Il-15 in the Chicken - (Abstract Only) - (01-Oct-96)
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