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Jeffrey A. Fabrick

Research Entomologist

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More Publications (beyond 5 years)

Morin, S., Henderson, S., Fabrick, J.A., Carrière, Y., Dennehy, T.J., Brown, J.K., Tabashnik, B.E. 2004. DNA-based detection of Bt resistance alleles in pink bollworm. Insect Biochem. Mol. Biol. 34: 1225-1233. (pdf)

Fabrick, J.A., Baker, J.E., and Kanost, M.R. 2004. Innate immunity in a Pyralid moth: Functional evaluation of domains from a beta-1,3-glucan recognition protein. J. Biol. Chem. 279(25): 26605-26611. (pdf)

Fabrick, J.A., Kanost, M.R., and Baker, J.E. 2004. RNAi-induced silencing of embryonic tryptophan oxygenase in the Pyralid moth, Plodia interpunctella. 9pp. J. Insect Sci., 4:15, Available online:

Fabrick, J.A., Baker, J.E., and Kanost, M.R. 2003. cDNA cloning, purification, properties, and function of a beta-1,3-glucan recognition protein from a pyralid moth, Plodia interpunctella. Insect Biochem. Mol. Biol. 33: 579-594. (pdf)

Yu, X.Q., Zhu, Y., Ma, C., Fabrick, J.A., and Kanost, M.R. 2002. Pattern recognition proteins in Manduca sexta plasma. Insect Biochem. Mol. Biol. 32(10): 1287-1293. (pdf)

Baker, J.E. and Fabrick, J.A. 2002. Unusual responses of Indianmeal moth larvae to envenomation and parasitization by a braconid ectoparasitoid. J. Entomol. Sci. 37(4): 370-374. (please contact me to request pdf) 

Perez-Mendoza, J., Dowell, F.E., Broce, A.B., Throne, J.E., Wirtz, R.A., Xie, F., Fabrick, J.A., and Baker, J.E. 2002. Chronological age-grading of house flies by using near-infared spectroscopy. J. Med. Entomol. 39(3): 499-508. (pdf)

Fabrick, J.A., Behnke, C., Czapla, T., Bala, K., Rao, A.G., Kramer, K.J., and Reeck, G.R. 2002. Effects of a potato cysteine proteinase inhibitor on midgut proteolytic enzyme activity and growth of the southern corn rootworm, Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Insect Biochem. Mol. Biol. 32(4): 405-415. (pdf)

Baker, J.E. and Fabrick, J.A. 2000. Host hemolymph proteins and protein digestion in larval Habrobracon hebetor (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). Insect Biochem. Mol. Biol. 30(10): 937-946. (pdf)

Perez-Mendoza, J., Fabrick, J.A., Zhu, K.Y., and Baker, J.A. 2000. Alterations in esterases are associated with malathion resistance in Habrobracon hebetor(Hymenoptera: Braconidae). J. Econ. Entomol. 93(1): 31-37. (pdf)

Baker, J.E., Fabrick, J.A., and Zhu, K.Y. 1998. Characterization of esterases in malathion-resistant and susceptible strains of the pteromalid parasitoid Anisopteromalus calandrae. Insect. Biochem. Mol. Biol. 28: 1039-1050. (pdf) 

Reeck, G.R., Kramer, K.J., Baker J.E., Kanost, M.R., Fabrick, J.A., and Behnke, C.A.1997. Proteinase inhibitors and resistance of transgenic plants to insects. In Advances in Insect Control: The Role of Transgenic Plants. Eds. Carozzi, N., and Koziel, M., pp. 157-184.

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