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Timothy A. Rinehart
Research Plant Molecular Geneticist

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The Rinehart Lab

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in May, 1994. During my four years as an undergraduate I worked as a Research Assistant under Dr. Chris Cullis in a Plant Molecular Genetics lab. After graduation I worked full-time as a Technician in Dr. Cullis's lab and part-time for United States Biochemical (USB) in their Custom Sequencing Lab. Dr. Cullis introduced me to mobile DNA as part of project looking at environmental variation and stable, heritable changes in Flax. I was fascinated by the idea of a dynamic, responsive genome and I pursued graduate work on transposable elements, or "jumping genes".

I started graduate work under Dr. Cliff Weil at the Univeristy of Idaho where I worked on Ac/Ds transposable elements in maize, the same transposons Barbara McClintock studied. I finished my PhD under Dr. Holly Wichman at the University of Idaho working on the evolution of transposable elements in mammalian genomes. I took a job in San Jose, California working in biotech industry while my wife finished her MFA in painting at San Jose State University.

I accepted a job at the USDA to work on ornamental plant genetics and in 2003 my wife and I moved to Poplarville, Mississippi. My wife teaches art at Pearl River Community College and continues to paint.

Click here for my CV.

Jennifer Carroll, Technician

Jennifer is currently the full-time technician in the lab.

People who have moved on

Yonmee Han joined the lab in June 2004 as a fulltime technician. She and I met in California when we both worked in biotech industry. Her background in high-throughput DNA sequencing was a great asset.  She moved back to Californa and the biotech industry in 2006.

Stephen Greer was a postdoc in the lab for 2 years and worked on the EMS and x-ray mutagenesis for hydrangea.  He moved on to a job in the algae biofuels industry in Texas.


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