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Giovannoni, J., DellaPenna, D., Bennett, A., and Fischer, R.  (1989)  Expression of a chimeric polygalacturonase gene in transgenic rin  (ripening inhibitor)tomato fruit results in polyuronide degradation but not fruit softening.  The Plant Cell. 1:53-63.

Giovannoni, J., Wing, R., Ganal, M. and Tanksley, S.  (1991).  Isolation of molecular markers from specific genomic regions through the use of isogenic DNA pools and existing mapping populations.  Nuc. Acids Res.  19:6553-6558.

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Vrebalov J, Ruezinsky D, Padmanabhan V, White R, Medrano D, DrakeR , Schuch W, Giovannoni J.  (2002) A MADS-box gene necessary for fruit ripening at the tomato ripening-inhibitor (rin) locus.  Science.  296:343-346

Van der Hoeven R,  Ronning C, Giovannoni J, Martin G, Tanksley S. (2002) Deductions about the number, organization and evolution of genes in the tomato genome based on analysis of large expressed sequence tag collection and selective genomic sequencing.  The Plant Cell, 14: 1441-1456

Basset G, Quinlivan E, Ravanel S, Rébeillé F, Nichols B, Shinozaki K, Seki M, Adams-Phillips L, Giovannoni J, Gregory J and Hanson A. (2004) Folate synthesis in plants: The p-aminobenzoate branch is initiated by a bifunctional PabA-PabB protein that is targeted to plastids.  PNAS USA. 101:1496-1501

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Liu, Y., Roof, S., Ye, Z., Barry, C., van Tuinen, A., Vrebalov, J., Bowler, C., and Giovannoni, J.  (2004) Manipulation of light signal transduction as a means of modifying fruit nutritional quality in tomato.  PNAS USA.  26: 9897-9902

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Alba, R., Fei, Z., Payton, P., Liu, Y., Moore, S., Debbie, P., Gordon, J., Rose, J., Martin, G., Tanksley, S., Bouzayen, M., Jahn, M., and Giovannoni, J.  (2004)  ESTs, cDNA microarrays, and gene expression profiling: tools for dissecting plant physiology and development.  Plant Journal. 39:697-714.

Fei, Z., Tang, X., Alba, R., White J., Ronning, C., Martin, G., Tanksley, S. and Giovannoni, J.  (2004)  Comprehensive EST analysis of tomato and comparative genomics of fruit ripening.  Plant Journal. 40:47-59.

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Barry, C., McQuinn, R., Thompson, A., Seymour, G., Grierson, D. and Giovannoni, J.  (2005) Ethylene insensitivity conferred by the Green-ripe (Gr) and Never-ripe 2 (Nr-2) ripening mutants of tomato.  Plant Physiology.  138:267-275.

Alba, R., Payton, P., Fei, Z., McQuinn, R., Debbie, P., Martin, G., Tanksley, S. and Giovannoni, J. Transcriptome and selected fruit metabolite analysis reveal multiple points of ethylene regulatory control during tomato fruit development.  Plant Cell   In press

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