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CURRICULUM VITAE - James J. Giovannoni


Robert W. Holley Research Center for Agriculture and Health

Tower Road

Cornell University Campus

Ithaca, NY 14850


Phone: (607) 847-8531           

FAX: (607) 254-1502             





1985 - 1990     Ph.D.   University of California, Berkeley

                                   Molecular and Physiological Plant Biology

1981 - 1985     BS       University of California, Davis, Biochemistry (minor in Philosophy)




  2000 -               Research Molecular Biologist, ARS/BTI, Ithaca NY  (10/00 - present)

  1999 - 2000      Director, Center for Nutrition, Health and Food Genomics, Texas A&M

  1997 - 2000      Associate Professor, Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M

  1992 - 1997      Assistant Professor, Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M

  1991 - 1992      Post-doctoral Research Associate, NSF/DOE/USDA Plant Science Center, Cornell University

  1990 - 1991      Post-doctoral Research Associate, Department of Plant Breeding and Biometry, Cornell University 

  1985 - 1990      Graduate Research Assistant, University of California, Berkeley




The focus of research in our laboratory is molecular and genetic analysis of fruit ripening and related signal transduction systems.  We are investigating the regulation of ripening using tomato as a model system.  Experimental approaches include 1) positional cloning of loci known via mutation to harbor genes necessary for normal fruit development and ripening, 2) isolation of candidate ripening regulatory genes based on expression pattern or relationship to ripening-related signal transduction systems (egs. ethylene, light), and functional analysis in transgenic plants, and 3) development and utilization of tools for functional genomics with current targets of exploration including genome sequencing and genome-wide expression profiling during ripening and as related to fruit quality and nutritional composition.



Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Research Scientist (10/00 - present)

Department of Plant Biology, Cornell University, Adjunct Professor (5/01 - present)

Department of Horticulture, Cornell University, Adjunct Professor (11/01 - present)

Department of Plant Breeding, Cornell University, Adjunct Professor (5/03 - present)

Department of Horticulture, Texas A&M, Adjunct Professor (10/00 - present)




   HORT/PPHY/GENE 411     Biotechnology for Crop Improvement      S97, S98, S99, S00

   HORT or GENE or PPHY 485   Independent Study                  - total of 11 students



HORT/PPHY 630     Post-harvest Biology/Physiology/Genetics.           F93, F94, F95, F97 

HORT 681                 Graduate Seminar                                               S96

HORT 685                 Independent Study (graduate students from other

                                     labs interested in learning molecular mapping

                                     who spend a semester in the lab)                      -  total of 6 students


BIOPL 742  (Cornell)                                                                         F01

BIOPL 653.1 (Cornell)                                                                       F02, F03, F04


Thesis Committees Chaired:

         Texas A&M

            Program                       Degree                         Completed                   Current

            GENE                          M.Sc.                           1                                  0

                                                Ph.D.                           3                                  0

            PPHY                          M.Sc.                           1                                  0

                                                Ph.D.                           3                                  0

            HORT                          M.Sc.                           2                                  0

                                                Ph.D.                           1                                  0


            Plant Biology                Ph.D                            1                                  1 (Plant Biology)

                                                                                                                        2 (Horticulture)





   McKnight Foundation Fellowship.  August 1985 - December 1986 (graduate student).

   Executive Committee for the Biotechnology Research and Education Program Fellowship.     

            January 1988 - April 1990 (graduate student).

   Executive Committee for the Biotechnology Research and Education Program Fellowship. April         

            1990 - August 1990 (post-doctoral).

   NSF/DOE/USDA Plant Science Center Postdoctoral Fellow.  Cornell University. September 1,        

            1991 -September 24, 1992.





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Endo-1,4-B-Glucanase Genes and Their Use in Plants.  US Patent No. 5,168,064  issued December 1, 1992; Patent No. 5,328,999 issued July 12, 1994.  Co-inventors: Bennett, A., Fischer, R., Giovannoni, J. and Lashbrook, C.


Constructs for expression of monellin in plant cells.  US Patent No. 5,234,834 issued August 10, 1993.   Co-inventors: Cho, J., Fischer, R., Giovannoni, J., Kim, R., Kim, S. and Penarrubia, D.


RIN gene for use in manipulation of fruit quality and ethylene response. US Patent No. 6,787,687 issued  September 7, 2004.  Co-Inventors: Giovannoni, J., Tanksley, S., Padmanabhan, V., Vrebalov, J., Ruezinsky, D., and White, R.


NOR gene for use in manipulation of fruit quality and ethylene response. US Patent No. 6,762,347 issued July 13, 2004.  Co-Inventors: Giovannoni, J., Tanksley, V., Vrebalov, J., and Noensie, E.



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