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Institute for Genomic Diversity
Cornell University
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Ithaca, NY 14853-2703
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Edward S. Buckler


1997-8     North Carolina State Univ.              Postdoctoral Research in Statistical Genetics

1992-7     Univ. of Missouri, Columbia            Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

1988-92   University of Virginia                       B.A. in Biology and Archaeology (with Honors)


Professional Positions:

1998-Present       USDA-ARS Research Geneticist

1998-2003            Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, North Carolina State University

2003-Present       Adj. Assoc. Professor, Plant Breeding, Cornell University


Professional Experience:

2003             Developing genomic and joint linkage and association mapping approaches to dissect kernel quality, flowering time, nitrogen use, and aluminum tolerance in maize.

1998-2003    Developed candidate gene association approaches that can be applied to the structured populations of plants.  The sampling approach increased QTL mapping resolution 5000-fold over F2 mapping.  A statistical approach was developed to reduce false-positives up to 5-fold. Identified polymorphisms that associate with maize flowering time, sugar content, starch content, and row number. Examined the impact of selection on key pathways (e.g. starch and protein accumulation)

1997-2002    Developed software packages for association analysis (TASSEL), phylogeographic analysis (Phylogeographer).    

1992-1998    Studied molecular systematics, population genetics, and population structure of Zea and Clarkia.  Studied genome and molecular evolution of maize. Specifically examined how ribosomal and chromosomal knob gene families evolve. 



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Buckler, E. S., IV.  1999.  Phylogeographer:  A tool for developing and testing phylogeographic hypotheses.


Buckler, E. S., IV.  2000.  Robotic Interface:  Laboratory tracking and robotic liquid handling software.  Commerically available from TECAN, US, Inc.


Buckler, E. S., IV.  2001.  TASSEL:  Trait Association, Evolution, and Linkage Analysis software package.


Garcia, A., and Buckler, E. S., IV.  2003.  MaizeMeister:  Germplasm tracking and automated phenotyping system.


Casstevens, T. M., and Buckler, E. S., IV.  2003.  GDPC:  The Genomic Diversity and Phenotype Connection.


Buckler, E. S., P. Bradbury, and D. Kroon.  2005.  TASSEL:  Trait Association, Evolution, and Linkage Analysis software package.  Version 1.10  (New version has powerful GLM module, that allow complex field designs to be analyzed).


Manuscripts in Review:


Tracy WF, Whitt SR, Buckler ES. Sugary1 and the Origin of Sweet Maize. (In review).


Yu, J., Pressoir, G., Briggs, W.H., Bi, I.V., Yamasaki, M., Doebley, J.F., McMullen, M.D., Gaut, B.S., Holland, J.B., Kresovich, S., and Buckler, E.S. A Unified Mixed-Model Method for Association Mapping Accounting for Multiple Levels of Relatedness. (in review)


Thornsberry, J. M., Heer, J., Doebley, J. F. & Buckler, E. S., IV. Quantitative variation in maize photosynthetic and respiratory rates between a broad range of inbred lines. (in review).


Thornsberry, J. M., J. Heer, M. M. Goodman, J. Doebley, and E. S. Buckler, IV. Dissection of maize flowering time by candidate gene association.  In preparation


Articles about my research:

McBride, J. 2001. From corn-bred statistics to high-tech breeding. Agricultural Research 49:8-9.


Pritchard, J. K. 2001. Deconstructing maize population structure. Nature Genet. 28:203-204.




Functional and comparative genomic analysis of aluminum tolerance in maize.  NSF Plant Genome Initiative.PIs:  Leon Kochian, Owen Hoekenga, and Edward Buckler.  $866,000:  2004-2009.


Gene Discovery for Maize Responses to Nitrogen.  NSF Plant Genome Initiative.  PIs:  Steve Moose, Fred Below, and Edward Buckler.  2005-2010.


Molecular and Functional Diversity of the Maize Genome.  From NSF Plant Genome Initiative.  PIs:  John Doebley, Edward Buckler, Theresa Fulton, Brandon Gaut, Jim Holland, Major Goodman, Steve Kresovich, Michael McMullen, Lincoln Stein, and Doreen Ware.  $10,261,784; 2004-2008.


Gramene: A Resource for Comparative Cereal Genomics.  From NSF Plant Genome Initiative.  PIs:  Lincoln Stein, Susan McCouch, Edward Buckler, Pankaj Jaiswal, Doreen Ware, David Micklos.  $5,621,028; 2003-2007.


Genomic Basis of Epistasis in Maize.  From USDA NRICGP.  PIs:  James Holland and Edward Buckler.

            $270,000; 2001-2006


Evolutionary Genomics of Maize.  From NSF Plant Genome Initiative.  PIs:  John Doebley, Edward Buckler, Brandon Gaut, Major Goodman, Spencer Muse, and Bruce Weir.

            $5,847,106; 1999-2003


Candidate gene association for protein accumulation in maize.  CRADA with Pioneer Hi-Bred.  PI:  Edward Buckler  $111,111; 2001-2006.


Identification of downstream targets of transcriptional regulators influencing maize flowering time.  USDA-ARS Competitive Postdoc Program.  PI:  Edward Buckler $80,000; 2001-2003.


Genomic Approaches for Evaluating Root Phenotype-Candidate Gene Associations in Arabidopsis.  From Pioneer Hi-Bred.  PI:  Edward Buckler.  $181,100; 1998-2001


Maize Quantitative Genetics and Genomics.  USDA-ARS CRIS continuing funds.  PI: Edward Buckler


Training Grant:

Interdisciplinary Training Program in Agricultural Biology:  Linking Existing and Emerging Technologies.  USDA IFAFS Head PI: Rebecca Boston and 16 other PIs. $1,580,821; 2001-2005.



Echols Scholars 1988-1992

Anthropology Student of the Year, University of Virginia 1992

Univ of Missouri Molecular Biology Week Contest Winner 1995

Division of Biological Sciences Graduate Student of the Year, Univ. of Missouri (1997)

USDA-ARS Herbert L. Rothbart Outstanding Early Career Research Scientist of the Year (2004)

US Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering (PECASE) (2005)



Virginia Scholar and Scholarship 1988-1992

Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Fellowship 1990-1992

National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship 1991-1992

National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship 1992-1995

Molecular Biology Training Fellowship (NIH) 1995-1997

Maize Biology Training Fellowship (NSF/DOE/USDA) 1995-1997

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Award (NIGMS of NIH) 1997-2000


Invited Presentations:

Maize Genome Evolution.  Pennsylvania State University, College Park, February 1998.

Maize Genome Evolution and Meiotic Drive.  University of Colorado, Boulder, April 1998.

The Evolution of Ribosomal Internal Transcribed Spacers.  Duke University, April 1998.

Maize Diversity and Genomics.  North Carolina State University, September 1998.

Future Directions in Plant Genomics.  European Union Molecular Tools for Biodiversity: EU Framework IV.  Göttingen, Germany November 1998.

Maize Evolutionary Genomics.  Plant and Animal Genome VII, San Diego, January 1999.

Maize Domestication.  International Botanical Congress.  St. Louis, August 1999.

Candidate Gene Association Methods For Diverse Germplasm.  Crop Science Meeting.  Salt Lake City, November 1999.

Dissecting Plant Height and Flowering Time With Candidate Associations in Maize.  Pioneer Hi-Bred.  Des Moines, IA, December 1999.

Evaluation of Candidate Genes Using Diverse Germplasm.  8th AGROGENE Seminar:  GENOMICS in the 3rd Millenium.  Paris, France, February 2000.

Maize Evolutionary Genomics.  Maize Genetics Conference.  Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, March 2000.

Dispersal of maize races throughout the New World.  Society of American Archaeologist. Philadelphia, April 2000.

Evaluation of maize candidate genes using diverse maize germplasm.  American Phytopathological Society.  New Orleans, August 2000.

Genetically Engineered Crops: Applications & Ecological Concerns.  Einstein Institute for Science, Health, and the Courts:  Southeast Judges Conference on Genetics.  Chapel Hill, September 2000.

Genomics of Complex Traits in Field Crops.  USDA Meeting On Infectious Diseases in the 21st Century.  Cold Spring Harbor, October 2000.

Dissecting Quantitative Traits with Diverse Germplasm and Candidate Genes.  Crop Science Meeting.  Minneapolis, November 2000.

Candidate gene association approaches in maize:  The need for SNPs.  Dow AgroSciences, April 2001

Genetic diversity approaches to dissect complex traits in maize: Applications to flowering time and starch. Pioneer Hi-Bred, May 2001

Genetic diversity approaches to dissect complex traits in maize: Applications to flowering time and starch. Plant Science Lectures at Iowa State University, May 2001.

Mining for maize alleles:  Candidate gene associations across diverse germplasm for flowering time and kernel traits.  Cornell University, September 2001.

Future of SNPs:  Mining Germplasm for Beneficial Alleles.  Crop Science Society of America Meeting.  Charlotte, NC, October 2001.

Mining for maize alleles:  Candidate gene associations across diverse germplasm for flowering time and kernel traits.  Plant Gene Expression Center, December 2001.

Mining for maize alleles:  Candidate gene associations across diverse germplasm for flowering time and kernel traits.  Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, February 2002.

Candidate gene associations: Mining for maize alleles.  Illinois Corn Breeder’s School, Urbana, IL, March 2002.

Applying genomics to developing country agricultural programs.  McKnight Foundation Meeting, Puerta Vallerta, Mexico, March 2002.

Maize domestication and selection in the starch pathway.  Society for Economic Botany, New York, NY, June 2002

Candidate Gene Associations:  Bridging Genomics and Breeding.  BASF, Research Triangle Park, NC, August 2002

Making sense of SNPs and expression profiling from diverse germplasm.  United Nation’s FAO, Rome, Italy. June 2002

Candidate Gene Associations:  Bridging Genomics and Breeding.  Max Planck, Kőln, Germany, October 2002

Candidate Gene Associations:  Bridging Genomics and Breeding.  Banbury Meeting on Plant  Diversity.  Cold Spring Harbor, NY, November 2002

Candidate Gene Associations:  Bridging Genomics and Breeding.  USDA-ARS Citrus Station, Fort Pierce, FL,  November 2002.

Candidate Gene Associations:  Bridging Genomics and Breeding.  Plant and Animal Genome XI, January 2003

The basics of maize association analysis.  Maize Genetics Meetings:  QTL Workshop, March 2003.

Using Diverse Maize Germplasm to Dissect Inflorescence Traits.  Banbury Meeting on Inflorescence Development.  Cold Spring Harbor, NY, September 2003.

Developing A Platform To Dissect Complex Traits in Maize.  Plant Biotechnology and Breeding.  University of Florida, Gainesville, FL,  October 2003.

Developing A Platform To Dissect Complex Traits in Maize.  Colloquium on Plant Biotechnology and Breeding (Keynote).  University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, November 2003.

Mining Older Maize Inbreds for Useful Alleles by Modern Genetic Studies.  American Seed Trade Association, Chicago, December 2003.

Bridging Genomics and Breeding with Maize Diversity.  Keystone Plant Comparative Genomic Meeting:  Taos, NM, March 2004.

Bridging Genomics and Breeding with Maize Diversity.  Plenary Speaker at Maize Genetics Meetings:  Mexico City, March 2004.

Bridging Genomics and Breeding with Maize Diversity.  Kansas State University Distinguished Crop Science Lecturer.  Manhattan, Kansas, September 2004.

Bridging Genomics and Breeding with Maize Diversity.  European Plant Science Organization (EPSO):  Ischia, Italy, October 2004.

Using Maize Diversity to Unravel Domestication and Functional Genomics.  The Genetics Society Meeting at the Royal Society:  London, November 2004.

Plant association mapping.  Plant and Animal Genome XI, January 2005.

Bridging Genomics and Breeding with Maize Diversity.  University of California, Davis, April 2005.

Bridging Genomics and Breeding with Maize Diversity.  Genomics & Beyond: Frontiers in Plant Biology Meeting, University of Missouri, April 2005.

How can genomics and quantitative genetics harness natural variation for biomass production?  DOE/BP Plant Genomics for Biofuels Meeting, June 2005.

Association Mapping with Structured Plant Populations.  Univ. of Southern California, September 2005.


Scientific Community Participation:

Reviewer for NSF, NRI, Nature Genetics, Nature, Science, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, Plant Phys., Plant Cell, Genetics, Genome, Current Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Crop Science, Journal of Heredity, and Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

Served on University of Missouri, Biological Science Graduate Affairs Committee


USDA NRI Review Panel Committee Member 2002.

UN FAO committee on using Genomics and Germplasm Collections 2003.

USDA steering committee for MaizeGDB database 2002-Present.

Advisory Board for NSF Plant Genome Project “Grass Genome Biodiversity”

Advisory Board for NSF Plant Genome Project “Regulation of Inflorescence Architecture in Maize”

Maize Genetics Executive Committee 2003-2007 (Elected position)

Teacher of in North Carolina State University Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics 2001-2005

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