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Zhang J, Yuan H, Yang Y, Fish T, Lyi SM, Thannhauser TW, Zhang L, Li L. (2016) Plastid ribosomal protein S5 is involved in photosynthesis, plant development, and cold stress tolerance in Arabidopsis. Journal of Experimental Botany 67:2731-2744


Zhou X, Welsch R, Yang Y, Riediger M, Álvarez D, Yuan H, Fish T, Liu J, Thannhauser TW, Li L (2015) Arabidopsis OR proteins are the major post-transcriptional regulators of phytoene synthase in mediating carotenoid biosynthesis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112:3558-3563


Yuan H, Owsiany K, Sheeja T, Zhou X, Rodriguez C, Li Y, Welsch R, Chayut N, Yang Y,  Thannhauser TW, Partjasaratju MV, Xu Q, Deng X, Fei Z, Schaffer A, Katzir N, Burger J, Tadmor Y, Li L. (2015) A single amino acid substitution of the orange protein causes carotenoid accumulation in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 169:421-431


Tzuri G*, Zhou X*, Chayut N*, Yuan H, Portnoy V, Meir A, Saar U, Baumkoler F, Yuan H,  Mazourek H, Lewinsohn E, Fei Z, Schaffer AA, Li L, Burger J, Katzir N. Tadmor Y. (2015) A “golden” SNP in CmOr governs fruit flesh color in melon (Cucumis melo). The Plant Journal 82:267-279


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Lyi SM, Heller LI, Rutzke M, Welch RM, Kochian LV, Li L (2005) Molecular and biochemical characterization of the selenocysteine Se-methyltransferase gene and Se-methylselenocysteine synthesis in broccoli. Plant Physiology 138:409-420                


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