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Hirox Digital Dissecting Microscope
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Hirox Digital Dissecting Microscope

This unique microscope bridges the gap between a dissecting microscope and a scanning electron microscope. The microscope has the capability of full color digital images with 30 Mega pixels (6400 x 4800) resolution; magnification of 1x to 7,000 with 4 microscope lens with continuous zoom between 1x-50x, 50x-400x and 350x-3,500x; 700-7,000x with a metal halide light source which is color balanced to natural light; 3D real time imaging and reconstructive 3D imaging from serial sections;  live-real time 3D tiling (observing specimens at high magnification while moving from one frame to another stitched together into a single image); 30 frames per second live video; small moveable computer and microscope stand for easy portability, and a full 360o viewing of specimens without touching the specimen. 

Potential Uses:

  • Digitally document specimens in real color for scientific publication.
  • Aid scientists in dissecting specimens for observation.
  • Obtain color images of specimens prior to observation in the electron microscopes for true color rendering of black and white images following analysis in the microscope.
  • Video capture the behavior of organisms.
  • Digitally document in 3D rare specimens such as type specimens or rarely collected specimens without having to touch the specimens.
  • Obtain accurate measurements of the specimens in 2D and 3D.
  • Many, many other uses for obtaining microscopic images.

Contact: 301-504-6649

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Last Modified: 4/9/2015
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