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Our research studies focus on the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities of antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.  The goal is to understand the regulatory role these antioxidant-rich foods play in regulating the immune system and whether they can prevent immunological types of cancers, such as leukemia. 




·          Anti-inflammatory activities of grapes in humans at risk for cardiovascular disease


·          Analysis of antioxidant status of fresh plum juice concentrate


·          Anti-inflammatory effects of strawberries in obese individuals


·          Evaluation of resveratrol and curcumin as therapeutics against high-risk leukemia


·          Mechanistic studies of programmed cell death in leukemia cells treated with antioxidant phytochemicals


·          Anti-inflammatory effects of foods high in antioxidant phytochemicals in autoimmune diabetes and lupus




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Last Modified: 9/6/2011