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Publication List and Available PDF Downloads

Sudbrink, D.L., S.J. Thomson, R.S. Fletcher, F.A. Harris, P.J. English and J.T. Robbins. 2015.  Remote sensing of selected winter and spring host plants of tarnished plant bug (Heteroptera:Miridae) and herbicide use strategies as a management tactic.  American Journal of Plant Sciences. 6:1313-1327. PDF

Lee, M.A., Y. Huang , H. Yao, S.J. Thomson, and L.M. Bruce. 2014.  Determining the effects of storage on cotton and soybean leaf samples for hyperspectral analysis.  IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 7(6):2562-2570. PDF

Huang,Y., W.C. Hoffman, Y. Lan, B.K. Fritz and S.J. Thomson.  2014.  Development of a low-volume sprayer for an unmanned helicopter.Journal of Agricultural Science. 7(1):148-153. PDF

Lee, M.A., Y. Huang, H. Yao, S.J. Thomson, and L.M. Bruce. 2014. Effects of sample storage on spectral reflectance changes in corn leaves excised from the field. Journal of Agricultural Science. 6(8):214-220. PDF

Thomson, S.J., Y. Huang, and T.J. Brooks. 2014. Agricultural aircraft and thermal imaging - from detecting sand boils at the levee to irrigation management. Agricultural Aviation. 41(4):62-65. PDF

Thomson, S.J.  2014. Evaluation of a solid stream radial nozzle on fixed-wing aircraft, for penetration of spray within a soybean canopy.  Journal of Plant Protection Research. 54(1):96-101.  PDF

Reddy, K.N., Y. Huang, M.A. Lee, V.K. Nandula, R.S. Fletcher, S.J. Thomson, and F. Zhao.  2014.  Glyphosate-resistant and glyphosate-susceptible Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri S. Wats.): hyperspectral reflectance properties of plants and potential for classification.  Pest Management Science. 70:1910-1917.  PDF

Thomson, S.J., Y. Huang, and L.A. Smith. 2014.  Portable device to assess dynamic accuracy of global positioning systems (GPS) receivers used in agricultural aircraft.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 7(2):68-74.  PDF

Zhao, F., Y. Guo, Y. Huang, K.N. Reddy, M.A. Lee, R.S. Fletcher, S.J. Thomson, and H. Zhao.  2014.  Early detection of crop injury from herbicide glyphosate by leaf biochemical parameter inversion.   International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.  31:78-85.  PDF

Zhao, F., Y. Huang, Y. Guo, K.N. Reddy, M.A. Lee, R.S. Fletcher, and S.J. Thomson.  2014.  Early detection of crop injury from glyphosate on soybean and cotton using plant leaf hyperspectral data.   Remote Sensing. 6:1538-1563.  PDF

Huang, Y., S.J. Thomson, W.C. Hoffmann, Y. Lan, and B.K. Fritz.   2013.  Development and prospect of unmanned aerial vehicle technologies for agricultural production management.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 6(3):1-10.  PDF

Huang, Y., R. Sui, S.J. Thomson, and D.K. Fisher.  2013.  Estimation of cotton yield with varied irrigation and nitrogen treatments using aerial multispectral imagery.  International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 6(3):37-41.  PDF

Jin, X., Y. Huang, S.J. Thomson, and R.B. Elliott.  Effects of conidial densities and spray volume of Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana fungal suspensions on conidial viability, droplet size and deposition coverage in bioassay using a novel bioassay spray system. Biocontrol Science and Technology. 23:362-366. PDF

Huang, Y., W. Zhan, B.K. Fritz and S.J. Thomson. 2012. Optimizing selection of controllable variables to minimize downwind drift from aerially applied sprays. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 22(2):233-241.  PDF

Yao, H., Y. Huang, Z. Hruska, S.J. Thomson and K.N. Reddy. 2012. Using vegetation index and modified derivative for early detection of soybean plant injury from glyphosate. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 89: 145-157.  PDF

Huang, Y., W. Ding, S.J. Thomson, K.N. Reddy and R.M. Zablotowicz. 2012. Assessing crop injury caused by aerially applied glyphosate drift using spray sampling. Transactions of the ASABE.  55(3): 725-731.  PDF

Thomson, S.J., C.M. Ouellet-Plamondon, S.L. DeFauw, Y. Huang, D.K. Fisher and P.J. English. 2012. Potential and challenges in use of thermal imaging for humid region irrigation system management. Journal of Agricultural Science. 4(4):103-116. PDF 

Huang, Yanbo, Steven J. Thomson, William T. Molin, Krishna N. Reddy and Haibo Yao. 2012. Early detection of soybean plant injury from glyphosate by measuring chlorophyll reflectance and fluorescence.  J. Agric. Sci.  4(5) 117-124.   PDF 

Thomson, S.J., and M.E. Lyn.  2011.  Environmental and spray mixture effects on droplet size represented by water-sensitive paper used in drift studies.  Transactions of the ASABE. 54(3):803-807.  PDF 

Ortiz, B.V., S.J. Thomson, Y. Huang, K.N. Reddy, and W. Ding. 2011. Determination of differences in crop injury from aerial application of glyphosate using vegetation indices.  Comp. Elect. Agri. 77:204-213.  PDF 

Huang,Y., G. Fipps, R.E. Lacey, and S.J. Thomson.  2011.  Landsat satellite multi-spectral image classification of land cover and land use changes for GIS-based urbanization analysis in irrigation districts of lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  Applied Remote Sensing Journal. 2(1):27-36.   PDF

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Thomson, S.J., Y. Huang, J.E. Hanks, D.E. Martin, and L.A. Smith.  2010.  Improving flow response of a variable-rate aerial application system by interactive refinement.  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 73:99-104. PDF

Reddy, K.N., W. Ding, R.M. Zablotowicz, S.J. Thomson, Y. Huang and L.J. Krutz. 2010. Biological responses to glyphosate drift from aerial application in non-glyphosate-resistant corn.  Pest. Manag. Sci. 66: 1148-1154. PDF

Huang, Y. , S. J. Thomson, Y. Lan, and S. J. Maas.  2010. Multispectral imaging systems for airborne remote sensing to support agricultural production management.   International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering 3(1): 50-62. PDF

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Huang, Y, Y. Lan, S.J. Thomson, A. Fang, W.C. Hoffmann, and R.E. Lacey.  2009.  Development of soft computing and application in agricultural and biological engineering.  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 71: 107–127. PDF

Thomson, S.J.,  L.A. Smith and J.E. Hanks.  2009.  Evaluation of Application Accuracy and Performance of a Hydraulically Operated Variable-Rate Aerial Application System.  Transactions of the ASABE  52(3):715-722.   PDF

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