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Selected Publications
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·        Adler, P.R., M.A. Sanderson, P.J. Weimer, and K.P. Vogel. 2009. Plant species composition and biofuel yields of conservation grasslands. Ecol. Appl. (in press).

·        Robertson, G.P., V.H. Dale, O.C. Doering, S.P. Hamburg, J.M. Melillo, M.M. Wander, W.J. Parton, P.R. Adler, J. Barney, R.M. Cruse, C.S. Duke, P.M. Fearnside, R.F. Follett, H.K. Gibbs, J. Goldemberg, D.J. Mladenoff, D. Ojima, M.W. Palmer, A. Sharpley, L. Wallace, K.C. Weathers, J.A. Wiens, and W.W. Wilhelm. 2008. Sustainable biofuels redux. Science 322:49-50. (pdf reprint)

·        Sanderson, M.A. and P.R. Adler. 2008. Perennial forages as second generation bioenergy crops. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 9 :768-788. (pdf reprint)

·        Adler, P.R., S.J. Del Grosso, and W.J. Parton. 2007. Life-cycle assessment of net greenhouse-gas flux for bioenergy cropping systems. Ecol. Appl. 17(3):675–691. (pdf reprint)

·        Sanderson, M.A., Martin, N.P., and Adler, P.R. 2007. Biomass, Energy, and Industrial Uses of Forages, pp. 635-647. In R.F. Barnes, C.J. Nelson, K.J. Moore, and M. Collins (eds.). Forages, Volume II: The Science of Grassland Agriculture. 6th Edition. Blackwell Publishing, Ames, Iowa. (pdf reprint)

·        Sanderson, M.A., P.R. Adler, A.A. Boateng, M.D. Casler, and G. Sarath. 2006. Switchgrass as a biofuels feedstock in the USA. Can. J. Plant Sci. 86:1315-1325. (pdf reprint)

·        Adler, P.R., M.A. Sanderson, A.A. Boateng, P.J. Weimer, and H.G. Jung. 2006. Biomass yield and biofuel quality of switchgrass harvested in fall or spring. Agron. J. 98:1518–1525. (pdf reprint)

·        Boateng, A.A., H.G. Jung, and P.R. Adler. 2006. Pyrolysis of energy crops including alfalfa stems, reed canarygrass, and eastern gamagrass. Fuel 85: 2450–2457. (pdf reprint)

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