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Gold Rush
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Synonym: Co-op 38

Parentage: Golden Delicious x Co-op 17

Color: Dark yellow with occasional pink-orange blush

Harvest: October 20 to October 28

Fruit: A medium size round to slightly conic and regular shaped apple that can be much larger when thinned aggressively. The cavity is somewhat flared at the top, generally narrow, and medium to deeper. The stem is medium to shorter length and thickness. The basin is generally small and shallow, slightly ridged with a medium to larger calyx that is usually green and pronounced open; there is often a small ring of russet in the basin that encircles the calyx. The lenticels are conspicuous, numerous, large and irregular, slightly raised and rough to the touch. Fruits are subject to sunburn that appears as a bronze or burnt orange cheek, and to russet that may be very fine textured. In the first two years GoldRush fruited at this site, fruit cracked severely (more than 30%) prior to harvest (cracking was similar to Stayman cracking); cracking was less severe (20%) in 1999 and occurred on less than 5% of the fruit in 2000 (5th season). The light yellow flesh is very firm, crisp, and juicy to very juicy. The flavor is tart to very tart with no detectable sugar at early harvest (S.I. 3 to 4), but changes to subacid, slightly sweet, and somewhat spicy at later harvest (S.I. 6 to 7) or out of storage. The acid masks a rather high soluble solids content (13% or more) at harvest. GoldRush has a very long storage capability (7 months) and a good shelf life. Fruit are resistant to scab, moderately resistant to bitter rot, but susceptible to russet.

Tree: A moderately vigorous tree on M.9 rootstock with an upright habit early, but spreads nicely with cropping. One of the most precocious cultivars in the test group and good cumulative yields, but may tend to biennial bearing if overcropped. Good spur formation. Highly susceptible to cedar apple rust, susceptible to powdery mildew, moderate resistance to fire blight, and resistant to apple scab.

Market Potential: Good: local retail and wholesale fresh market; processing



Last Modified: 3/26/2008
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