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Doreen Ware, Ph.D.




Education and Training:

University of California San Diego       Biochem. and Cell Biology   B.A.             1985

Ohio State University                             Plant Biology                         Ph.D.           2000

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory          Bioinformatics                       course          2000



2003- present   Research Scientist, USDA ARS.

2003- present   Research Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

2001-2003       Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with Dr. Lincoln Stein

1991- 2001      Research Associate, The Ohio State Biotechnology Center, Columbus OH. Supervisor of the DNA portion of the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center

1994- 2000      Graduate Student, The Ohio State University, Department of Plant Biology, with Dr. Keith Davis.  Identification of viral host proteins in Arabidopsis


1989 –1991     Research Associate, University of California San Diego, Department of Biology with Dr. Mauricio Montal.


1988-1989       Research Associate, University of California San Diego, Department of Biology, with Dr. Nigel Crawford. The identification and purification of Arabidopsis nitrate reductase

1987-1988              Research Associate, University of California San Diego, Department of Biology with Dr. Stephen Howell.

1984-1987       Research Associate, University of California San Diego, Department of Chemistry, with Dr. Jack Kyte.


Professional Society Affiliations

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Society of Plant Biologist

International Society for Computational Biologist




Zhao, W., Canaran, P., Jurkuta, R., Fulton, T., Glaubitz, J., Buckler, E., Doebley, J., Gaut, B.,  Goodman, M., Holland, J., 11) Kresovich, S., McMullen, M., Stein, L., and Ware D. Panzea: a Database and Resource for Molecular and Functional Diversity in the Maize Genome, Nucleic Acids Res.   Accepted


Sorghum Genomics Planning Workshop Participants. (2005) Toward Sequencing the Sorghum Genome. A U.S. National Science Foundation-Sponsored Workshop Report. Plant Physiol. Aug; 138: 1898-1902.

Maher, C., Timmermans, M., Stein, L., and Ware D. (2004) Identifying microRNAs in plant genomes", published in Proc. IEEE, CBS: 718-723 

Scholl, R., Sachs, M. M. and Ware, D. (2003) Maintaining Collections of Mutants for Plant Functional Genomics. Humana Press, Methods Mol Biol. 2003; 236:311-26


The Rice Chromosome 10 Sequencing Consortium.  (2003) Rice chromosome 10 reveals a high degree of heterchromatin and collinearity with cereals. Science June 300 (5629) 1566-15


Ware, D. and L. Stein. Comparison of genes among cereals. (2003)  Curr Opin Plant Biol 6: 121-127.


Ware D, Jaiswal P, Ni J, Yap I, Pan X, Clark K, Teytelman L, Schmidt S, Zhao W, Chang K, Cartinhour S, Stein L, McCouch S. (2002) Gramene a tool for Grass Genomics. Dec  Plant Physiology. Dec. 130 (4) 1606-13


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Pankaj Jaiswal, Doreen Ware, Junjian Ni, Kuan Chang, Wei Zhao, Steven Schmidt, Xiaokang Pan, Kenneth Clark, Leonid Teytelman, Samuel Cartinhour, Lincoln Stein, Susan McCouch . 2002 Gramene: development and integration of trait and gene ontologies for rice. Comparative and Functional Genomics Vol 3(2)


Scholl, RL, May ST, WareDH.  (2000). Seed and molecular resources for Arabidopsis.
Plant Physiol. Dec;124(4):1477-80


Scholl, R, Ware, D. and Davis, K. (1999). Handling and preservation of clones in a DNA stock center.  In: Wilson, Z. ed. A Practical Approach: Arabidopsis. Oxford Univ. Press. pp 29-50. (Book chapter)


Li, H., Wu, G., Ware, D., Davis, K., and Yang, Z. (1998). "Arabidopsis Rho-related GTPases: differential gene expression in pollen and polar localization in fission yeast." Plant Physiology 118(2): 407-17.


Wanner LA, Li G, Ware D, Somssich IE, Davis KR. (1995) The phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Mol Biol. Jan;27(2)327-38.


Ahmed CM, Ware DH, Lee SC, Patten CD, Ferrer-Montiel AV, Schinder AF, McPherson JD, Wagner-McPherson CB, Wasmuth JJ,  and Evans GA,. (1992) Primary structure, chromosomal localization, and functional expression of a voltage-gated sodium channel from human brain. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Sep 1;89(17):8220-4.


Kellaris KV, Ware DK, Smith S, Kyte J. (1989) Assessment of the number of free cysteines and isolation and identification of cystine-containing peptides from acetylcholine receptor. Biochemistry. Apr 18;28(8):3469-82.


Manuscripts submitted

Maher, C.,  Stein, L., and Ware, D.  Evolution of Arabidopsis microRNA Families Through Duplication Events.  Genome Research

Canaran, P., Lincoln Stein, L., and Doreen Ware, D. Look-Align: An Interactive Web-Based Multiple Sequence Alignment Viewer with Polymorphism Analysis Support.  Bioinformatics

Jaiswal, P., Avraham, A., Ilic, K., Kellogg, E., McCouch, S., Pujar, A., Reiser, L.,  Rhee, S., Sachs, M.,  Schaeffer, M.,  Stein, L., Stevens, P., Vincent, L., Ware, D., and Zapata, F. Plant Ontology (PO): A Controlled Vocabulary of Plant Structures and Growth Stages. Comparative and Functional Genomics 

Jaiswal, P., Ni, J., Yap, I., Ware, D., Spooner, W., Youens-Clark, K., Ren, L., Liang, C., Zhao, W., Ratnupu, K., Faga, B., Fogelman, M., Hebbard, C., Avraham, S., Schmidt., Casstevens, T., Buckler, E., Stein, L., and McCouch, S.  Gramene: A Birds Eye View of Cereal Genomes. Nucleic Acids Res.


Manuscripts in preparation

Ware, D., Clark K., Faga, B., Yap, I., and Stein, L. CMap: a comparative map viewer for a model organism system database.


Ilic, K., Kellogg, E., Jaiswal, P., Zapata, F. Stevens, P., Vincent, L., Avraham, A.,    Reiser, L., McCouch, S., Schaeffer, M., Rhee, S., Ware, D., and Stein, L.,  Plant Structure Ontology –a unified vocabulary for flowering plants

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