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Research Overview
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1 - Accomplishments
2 - Standardized virus detection method
3 - Purple top phyoplasma
4 - Potato virus Y (PVY)
5 - Potato mop top virus (PMTV)
6 - Potato zebra chip disease
Purple top phyoplasma

Determined that the potato purple top phytoplasma is tuber-borne at a relatively high rate in major potato cultivars.


The potato purple top phytoplasma is an important pathogen of potatoes in the Columbia Basin of Washington and Oregon.  We found that the phytoplasma is transmitted to 4-96% of tubers and up to 50% of daughter plants from infected tubers.  Tuber-borne infections could result in a resurgence of purple top disease in this important potato growing region.

The figure below shows the symptoms in a Ranger Russet grown out from a phytoplasma-infected tuber.

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Last Modified: 3/13/2012
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