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Research Overview
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1 - Accomplishments
2 - Standardized virus detection method
3 - Purple top phyoplasma
4 - Potato virus Y (PVY)
5 - Potato mop top virus (PMTV)
6 - Potato zebra chip disease
Standardized virus detection method

Development of a standardized procedure for detection of eleven viruses and one viroid of potatoes.


The figure below shows the results of the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction assay (RT-PCR) for alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV), potato virus Y (PVY), potato mop top virus (PMTV), and tobacco rattle virus (TRV) that was conducted under a standardized set of conditions.  The same conditions also successfully detect and identify tomato spotted wilt virus, impatiens necrotic spot virus, potato viruses A, M, S, and X, and potato spindle tuber viroid.  These standardized conditions make it easier to test for these important viruses of potato.

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Last Modified: 3/13/2012
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