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Low Vitamin D Linked to Osteoarthritis in the Knee
Jul 14, 2015
Shifting Out of High-Calorie Habits
Mar 06, 2015
Physical Activity Intervention for the Elderly
Jan 07, 2015
Don't Underestimate the Power of Herbal Teas
Mar 01, 2011
Healthy Plant Sterols: A Daily "Drip" is Best
Sep 21, 2010
Adequate Zinc Eases Pneumonia in Elderly
Aug 10, 2010
Researchers Study Benefits of White Button Mushrooms
Jul 29, 2010
Molecular Biology Provides Clues to Health Benefits of Olive Oil
Jun 28, 2010
Less is More When Restraining Calories Boosts Immunity
Apr 29, 2010
Vitamin D and Calcium Interplay Explored
Mar 12, 2010
Cooling Inflammation for Healthier Arteries
Feb 16, 2010
Dehydration Affects Mood, Not Just Motor Skills
Nov 23, 2009
Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Funding for Research on Food Secu= rity in Northeast
Sep 17, 2009
Palm Oil Not a Healthy Substitute for Trans Fats
Apr 15, 2009
Dietary Intervention Shows Neuroprotection
Mar 31, 2009
Neutralizing Acidosis and Bone Loss among Mature Adults
Jan 30, 2009
Gene Variants Affecting Blood Fats Identified
Jan 26, 2009
January 14, 2009
Jan 14, 2009
Berry Compound Reduces Aging Effect
Dec 11, 2008
Increasing Calcium in Carrots and Other Vegetables
Nov 19, 2008
Study Shows Consuming Hibiscus Tea Lowers Blood Pressure
Nov 10, 2008
Antioxidant Effects from Eating Almonds
Oct 17, 2008
Fight Osteoporosis: Bone Up on a Quality Diet
Oct 08, 2008
Calcium Alone Does Not Reduce Hip Fracture Risk
Jun 11, 2008
Crop Calculator Gets Upgraded
Mar 18, 2008
Elderly Improve With Exercise, Too
Mar 14, 2008
Soil Scientist Wins Top Honor from USDA Research Agency
Feb 12, 2008
A "Berry" Good Bee for Pollinating Blackberries and Raspberries
Feb 07, 2008
New Cranberry Packed with Health Features
Jan 08, 2008
Mississippi Blues… Blueberries, That Is
Jan 04, 2008
When It Comes to Vitamins, More Is Not Always Better
Nov 16, 2007
ARS scientist receives Secretary's Honor Award for FMD Research
Nov 16, 2007
Fast-Acting Carbs May Hasten Vision Loss Over Time
Oct 29, 2007
Carriers of "Plaque" Gene at Greater Risk
Sep 04, 2007
With Inflammation, It's Better to Have a Cool Head
Aug 21, 2007
Blueberry Extracts Boost Brain Function
Aug 08, 2007
Antioxidants, Over Time, Support Aging Minds
Aug 06, 2007
What's in Foods Marketed to Kids? Findings Presented at EB
Apr 30, 2007
Can Fish Intake Predict Chances of Developing Dementia?
Nov 14, 2006
Nutrition Genomics Expert Receives USDA Award
Oct 20, 2006
Aging Hosts Seen to Ratchet Up Viral Virulence
Sep 27, 2006
Food for Thought: Berries Boost Brain Power
Aug 23, 2006
New Findings About Essential Choline
Jun 19, 2006
New Findings on Link Between Diet and Vision Loss
Apr 27, 2006
Genetic Variants Shown to Hoard Body Fat
Mar 20, 2006
Dieting: Success Depends on Calories and Consistency
Mar 15, 2006
Dying Fat Cells Call for Molecular Rescue
Mar 03, 2006
For Optimal Health, Go With the Grains
Jan 26, 2006
New Findings on Low-Glycemic-Load Diets for Weight Loss
Dec 27, 2005
Fungal Threats to Cocoa Share an Ancient History
Oct 21, 2005
Removing Damaged Proteins that Cloud Vision
Aug 02, 2005
High-Carb Diet May Cloud Vision Over Time
Jun 30, 2005
Strength Training Is an Antidote to Muscle Loss
May 03, 2005
Boost in Immune Response Fights Common Cold
Apr 05, 2005
Fight Osteoporosis: Bone Up on B12
Mar 28, 2005
Youth Need Training to Interpret Nutrition Labels
Jan 27, 2005
High Fiber Equals Lower Risks
Dec 01, 2004
Stressed Out? Have Some Cold Vegetable Soup
Nov 03, 2004
Elderly Hispanics May Lack Vitamin B-12
Apr 17, 2003
Protein and Calcium Interplay Important to Bone Health
Apr 24, 2002
Hispanics More Vulnerable to Complications of Diabetes
Sep 21, 2000
Heart-Healthy: Red Wine and Beans
Sep 11, 2000
Snacks, Sodas and Calories Climbing in Kids
Aug 11, 2000
Juice Compounds May Fight Cancer
Aug 09, 2000
B12 Deficiency May Be More Widespread
Aug 02, 2000
Hip, Hip Hurray for Vitamin K
May 24, 2000
Attacking Heart Disease at Its Genes
Jul 23, 1999
High-ORAC Foods May Slow Aging
Feb 08, 1999
Black Women May Need More Vitamin D in Winter
Aug 18, 1998
Taking Extra Calcium May Require Added Zinc
Jan 20, 1998
Clear Vision Calls For Long-Term Investment in Vitamin C
Oct 09, 1997
Big Meals May Contribute to Body Fat in Older People
Oct 06, 1997
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