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2007 NEWS

Dr. Thomas E. Devine will travel to State College, PA from June 24-27, 2007 to present a paper at the Joint Conference of the American Federation of Grassland Council and NE Branch of ASA-CSA-SSSA.

XI Symposium on Forage Crops, May 27-June 4, 2007, Novisad, Serbia.  Attendee: Dr. Thomas Devine.

Dr. Autar K. Mattoo will travel to Izmir, Turkey to present a talk on Genetic Crops from May 17-28, 2007.

Dr. Patricia Millner will be serving as a judge at the University of Maryland, Maryland 4-H Dairy Bowl State Contest on May 5, 2007.

Dr. Michel Cavigelli will travel to Morgantown, WV to attend a cover crop workshop and give presentations at the Universtiy of West Virginia on May 2-3, 2007.

Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, April 28-May 2, 2007, Washington, D.C.; Attendees: Dr. Autar Mattoo, Tahira Fatima.

Dr. Autar Mattoo will oversee research programs at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India on March 22-24, 2007.

Dr. Daniel Roberts will attend the Annual Meeting of the Potomac Division of the American Phytopathological Society and chair a session of the meeting on March 21-23, 2007 in Blacksburg, VA.

Dr. Autar Mattoo will be presenting a seminar at the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India on March 20-21, 2007 in Vadodara, India.

Dr. Autar Mattoo will serve as a member of the Review Team at a USDA Review workshop on March 18-20, 2007 to be held at the Bangladesh Agricultural University in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

Dr. Autar Mattoo will be attending the 17th Standing Advisory Committee (Overseas) Meeting of the Department of Biotechnology in New Delhi, India on March 13-15, 2007.

Dr. Patricia Millner met with Professor and Mrs. Qirong Shen, Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University and Mrs. Yuehong Chen of the International Exchange Office of Nanjing Agricultural University, China on February 21, 2007.

Soybean Breeder Workshop, Feb 19-21, 2007, St.Louis, MO; Attendee: Dr. Thomas Devine.

4th USDA Greenhouse Gases Workshop, Feb 5-8, 2007, Baltimore, MD; Attendees: Dr. Michel Cavigelli, Milutin Djurickovic.

Weed Science Society Meeting, February 4-8, 2007, San Antonio, TX; Attendees:  Dr. John Teasdale, Dr. John Lydon

Central MD Vegetable Producers Meeting, January 26, 2007, Upperco, MD; Attendee: Dr. Ben Coffman

SARE Meeting, January 23-24, 2007, Manchester, NH; Attendee: Mark Davis

Future Harvest/CASA Conference, January 12-13, 2007, Hagerstown, MD; Attendees: Dr. John Teasdale, Dr. Thomas Devine, Dr. Ben Coffman

Northeastern Weed Science Society Meeting, January 2-5, 2007, Baltimore, MD; Attendees: Dr. Ben Coffman, Dr. John Lydon.

Dr. Donald T. Krizek, Plant Physiologist, retired on Wednesday January 3, 2007 after 44 years of service with the federal government. While at the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Lab, Dr. Krizek was involved with developing sustainable systems for production of high value crops under protected cultivation.  Determining interactions of biotic and abiotic stresses and evaluating the use of selective UV filters and compost as IPM tools in high tunnel cropping systems.  He provided expertise in the areas of UV-B radiation, stress physiology, and environmental monitoring.  After retirement, he will be continuing on with the Sustainable Agricultural Lab as a collaborator.

2006 NEWS

Dr. Patricia Millner presented a Plenary session talk at the National Carcass Disposal Symposium in Beltsville, MD on Tuesday, December 05, 2006.

Dr. Devine, along with Justin Barone and J.E. McMurtrey participated in making a USDA video on soybean for bioenergy production on Monday December 4, 2006.

Dr. Patricia D. Millner co-hosted the Organics Summit that was held at BARC on November 30, 2006.  The Summit was co-hosted with the sponsors MACREDO (Mid-Atlantic Cosortium of Recycling and Economic Development Officials), ILSR (Insititute for Local Self-Reliance) and EPA-Region 3.

Dr. Michel Cavigelli gave two invited talks at the Mid-Atlantic Crop Management School in Ocean City, MD, November 29, 2006 entitled: "Organic and Conventional Field Crop Production, Economic, and Environmental Impact at the Beltsville Farming Systems Project after Ten Years."

Dr. Thomas Devine was requested by John Herath of Agri Talk to do a live telephone interview with Mike Adams on Wednesday, November 29, 2006.

ARS Scientist Elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)Dr. Donald T. Krizek, Plant Physiologist in the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, ANRI, Beltsville, MD, was notified by  Dr. Alan I. Leshner, Chief Executive Officer, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), that he had been elected a Fellow of AAAS for "distinguished contributions to plant physiology in photoperiod research and the direction of programs in sustainable agriculture."  He will be formally recognized during the AAAS Fellows Forum to be held on February 17, 2007 as part of the Annual AAAS Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

On October 11-12, 2006, the Fifth Eastern Native Grass Symposium was held in Harrisburg, PA.  Dr. Donald Krizek presented the manuscript entitled " Influence of Time of Stand Establishment on Biomass Production of Eastern Gamagrass."

On January 13-14, 2006, the seventh annual "Farming for Profit and Stewardship" conference was held in Hagerstown, MD. This conference is sponsored by several organizations including the Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Dr. C. B. Coffman and Mr. Mark Davis of the SASL are members of the organizing committee and served as session moderators. This conference is directed at establishment and maintainance of a successful, sustainable farming operation and is directed mainly at small farmers.

2005 NEWS

On November 9-10, 2005, the third annual  "Small Farm Family Conference" will be held on the campus of Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA.  One of the members of the organizing committee and moderator of several of the breakout sessions is Dr. C. B. Coffman of the SASL. The conference is directed primarily toward limited resource and underserved farmers. Emphasis of the conference is on ‘new opportunities for farm diversification' and ‘survival strategies for sustainability'.

On November 5, 2005, Mark Davis, Agronomist is scheduled to present – “High Tunnels – New Ways for Growers to Stretch the Season” at the upcoming UMES Small Farm Conference.

Three members of the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Lab, Dr. Sara Wright, Dr. Patricia Millner and Dr. John Teasdale presented posters and speeches at the recent Chesapeake Bay Day, October 5, 2005. This one-day event showcased BARC’s unique research contributions promoting agricultural production systems that protect soil, water, and air quality.

Dr. Aref Abdul-Baki along with Mr. Sam Aslan, USDA/NRCS, were recognized for developing and introducing a no-tillage, biologically-based management system which has restored profitability and enhanced environmental protection of California date palm production by being presented with the Beltsville Area's Technology Transfer Award on September 28, 2005 as well as the 2005 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Mid-Atlantic Regional Excellence in Technology Transfer Awards on September 15, 2005.

Dr. Autar Mattoo gave an invited presentation (seminar) at the Istituto Di Metodologie Chimiche, CNR (Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche), near Rome, Italy, September 30, 2005. The title of the seminar was: "Transcriptome and metabolite profiling of transgenic tomato fruit reveal new insights on the role of polyamines".

Dr. Autar Mattoo was an invited speaker at the 2nd Solanaceae Genome Workshop 2005 at Ischia, Italy, September 25-29, 2005.  He presented a talk entitled: "Metabolite-profiling and transcriptome analyses of transgenic tomato fruit reveal role of spemidine/spemine in C signaling and anabolic metabolism." Co-authors on this presentation were: A. Srivastava,  S-H. Chung, A. Sobolev, A. Neelam, R. Goyal, T. Datsenka, A. Handa and A. Segre.

On August 11, 2005 Dr. John Teasdale, Research Leader, and Dr. Michel Cavigelli, both of the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, along with Dr. Lou Gasbarre, Research Leader of the Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory, discussed on-farm research collaborations with Congressional Organic Caucus staff members at the farm of Mr. Nick Maravell. BARC research on the Maravell Farm has concentrated on weed control, inorganic systems, and nutrient management of organically grown alfalfa.

Dr. John Teasdale, Research Leader of the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, is featured in the July 15th The New Farm® newsletter of the Rodale Institute. The article focuses on Teasdale’s work with weed management strategies, particularly cover crops, and touches on some BARC history as well as the future of BARC, such as movements toward organic farming. The Rodale Institute®, a global leader in regenerative agriculture, is devoted to innovative agriculture research, outreach, and training through The New Farm® programs.

At the request of the American Consulate in Kolkata, India and the U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C. Dr. Autar Mattoo recorded TPC and a DVC on Biotechnology - New Trends and Issues with the American Consulate in Kolkata. The teleprompter conference (TPC) was recorded on the morning of May 6, 2005 and the digital video conference (DVC) was arranged at the State Department on May 13, 2005. These recordings are slated for show in far corners of Eastern India to educate the public and academia alike on the science and benefits of biotechnology and the issues involved.

Mr. Mark Davis, Agronomist at the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, ARS, Beltsville, Maryland gave an invited presentation on high-tunnel vegetable production at the "Marketing for Success" short-course sponsored by the West Virginia Extension Service. Expected participants of this short course are local farmers, researchers, extension agents, and educators. February 21-23, 2005.

Dr. Autar Mattoo, was invited by the Department of International Relations and Medical Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India to participate in the Standing Advisory Committee Overseas (SACO). He was asked to review some of the major programs being run by the Department in different laboratories in the country. Dr. Mattoo spent two weeks as an invited guest providing his collaborative support to the Department, February 15-26, 2005.

Dr. Sara Wright was invited to speak and demonstrate quantification of glomalin to associations of Australian no-till farmers in Western Australia, South Australia, and New South Whales during the month of February 2005.

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