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What Counts is the Water That Actually Enters Plant Roots
Aug 09, 2011
Prior Herbicide Use=96Not Irrigation=96is Critical to Herbicide Efficacy=
Mar 17, 2010
Canopy Cover Provides Practical Clue to Plants' Thirst
Jan 23, 2009
Soil Is Key to Effective Weed Management
Aug 16, 2006
ASABE Superior Paper Award
Aug 16, 2006
ARS Software Tackles Weeds
Aug 04, 2006
ARS Scientists Collaborate to Increase Irrigation Accuracy
Oct 07, 2005
New Tests Screen Weed for Resistance to Major Herbicide
Jun 20, 2005
Watering Plants When Their Temperature Says, "I'm Thirsty!"
Aug 27, 2004
"Water-Smart" Network Faxes Nightly Advice
Dec 12, 2000
Cleaner Water: No Simple Matter
Nov 17, 2000
New Noxious Weeds Website
Aug 25, 2000
No-Till and Nitrogen Optimize Grain Yields
Aug 23, 2000
More CO2, More Ragweed
Aug 15, 2000
Scheduling Irrigation Pays Off for Farmers
Oct 30, 1997
Water Data by Fax Can Save Farmers Thousands
Jun 09, 1997
Irrigating on "Scheduler" for a Bigger Yield Forecast
Apr 24, 1997
Weed Predictions by Computer
Mar 31, 1997
Precision Agriculture: Giving Plants Just What they Need
Feb 05, 1997
Sunflowers Can Help the Wheat Grow
Dec 13, 1996
Forecasting Weed Seeds: One Day Can Make a Difference
Nov 22, 1996
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