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A manuscript describing analysis of the intrauterine proteome during early pregnancy in swine, our first effort in proteomics in livestock, is now “in press” in the journal Reproduction. Authors were Dr. Patrick Kayser, Dr. Jong Kim, Dr. Ron Cerny of the Mass Spectrometry Core facility, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Dr. Jeffrey Vallet

The Reproduction Research Unit is currently interviewing candidates for a permanent scientist position in the area of Uterine Capacity of swine

Dr. Joe Ford recently presented an invited presentation entitled “Genetic Variation in Sperm Production” at the VIIth International Conference on Pig Reproduction held at Rolduc Abbey, Netherlands in June, 2005.

At the VIIth International Conference on Pig Reproduction, Dr. Jeffrey Vallet was selected to become a member of the planning committee for the VIIIth International Conference on Pig Reproduction, to be held in Edmonton, Canada in 2009

Dr. Jeffrey Vallet will present an invited presentation entitled “What we have learned about prenatal physiology in the pig from uterine crowding experiments” during the Billy Day Symposium at the 2006 Midwest Animal Science Meetings.

Dr. Jeffrey Vallet and Dr. Dan Nonneman recently visited and toured Circle 4 farms in Milford Utah. Potentially useful areas of research in Pig Reproduction were discussed during the visit.

Dr. Mark Allan presently serves on the Beef Improvement Federation Technology Committee. The committee is involved in the development of operating procedures to set the standards for the flow of DNA information from the genotyping companies to the producer and breed associations.

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