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July 21-25, 2007, Drs. Robert Cullum, Scott Knight, Martin Locke, and Doug Shields of the Water Quality and Ecology Research Unit attended the 2007 Soil and Water Conservation Society Annual Conference held near Tampa, FL. They made various presentations related to research activities in the Beasley Watershed, a part of the Conservation Effects Assessment Program (CEAP). The annual USDA-ARS CEAP workshop was held in conjunction with the conference.

April 23 -27, 2007, Drs. Doug Shields and Scott Knight (Water Quality & Ecology Research Unit, Oxford, MS) attended the 2nd National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration in Kansas City, Missouri, and presented three papers, Restoration of Backwater Habitat Along Floodplain Rivers: Just Add Water, Effects of Contaminated Sediments on Backwater Restoration Project in the Mississippi River Delta, and Effects of Channel Stability on Fish Communities of Northern Mississippi Rivers. These topics fit well with conference themes, as major efforts are underway nationwide in the area of aquatic habitat restoration, accounting for billions in annual expenditures. The announced purpose of the conference was to share information on ecosystem restoration science and on partnering between state, federal and private sector entities to accomplish common restoration goals. The meeting was attended by representatives from the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Geological Survey, US Environmental Protection Agency, and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and various state environmental protection agencies, as well as numerous private companies and consulting firms.

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