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12 - The Carl Amonett People's Garden
The Carl Amonett People's Garden

Our People’s Garden, the USDA People’s Garden at the GSWRL and BREC, is named the Carl Amonett People’s Garden on this day June 17th, 2013.



Carl Amonett is a former USDA-NRCS employee who worked at out Lab with the NRCS modeling group from 2000-2010, who was killed by a drunk driver in October 2010.   He had a degree in forestry from Stephen F. Austin University. Carl was awarded the Professional of the Year Award at the Center in 2009. Everyone connected to this project decided to name this local effort after Carl Amonett.   ARS has furnished the sign dedicating the garden to Carl.  Ken Dodge built and installed the framework and Andrea Griffith and Katherine Jones planted the small bed at the base of the sign. Other employees have planted and designed the other garden beds contained in the garden.   The Water Resources Staff at the NRCS state office also provided a Chinkapin oak tree that is planted adjacent to the garden area. 


The garden is a fitting tribute to Carl, he kept people at work supplied with fresh vegetables from his own home garden. He enjoyed bringing the excess produce to the office to share with others. Carl also planted many trees on his land near Academy. He purchased many of these through the SWCD’s Windbreak tree program. He shared some of these seedlings with others here at the station.


Since the garden was established, our employees have donated much of the produce to people in need in the area and have enjoyed working in and relaxing around the garden. If Carl was still here, the garden would no doubt be even bigger, like the garden he established at home, and I bet he would be out here every day watering, weeding, picking produce, and certainly delivering produce to the needy.


He will never be forgotten here at the Lab.

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