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Archived Events
2009 IR-4 Food Use Workshop (09/15/09)
Spray Optimization Workshop (07/15/09)
2009 OFA Short Course (07/11/09)
ARS scientists to launch a national effort toward research and technology transfer on spray deposition in nursery trees. (09/09/08)
2008 OFA Short Course, Trade Show and ANLA Annual Meeting (07/12/08)
National Soybean Rust Symposium (12/12/07)
Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting (12/09/07)
2007 IR4 Ornamental Workshop (10/10/07)
Farm Science Review (09/18/07)
2007 USDA/IR-4 Food Use Workshop (09/11/07)
Ohio Nursery Tours 2007 (08/15/07)
NGLCo Summer Field Day (08/14/07)
2007 Joint Meeting of The American Phytopathological Society and Society of Nematologists (07/28/07)
Pesticide Safety Webcast (07/19/07)
2007 OFA Short Course and Trade Show (07/14/07)
Advocacy Day at the Capital (03/07/07)
USDA Sprayer Technology Workshop (03/06/07)
National Soybean Rust Symposium (11/29/06)
Sprayer Application Program (11/14/06)
NCR-101 Committee on Controlled Environment Technology & Use Annual Meeting (04/08/06)
Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show "CENTS" (01/23/06)
International advances in pesticide application 2006 at: Robinson College, Cambridge University, UK (01/10/06)
Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (11/06/05)
III "Silicon in Agriculture" Conference (10/22/05)
Instrument Representatives Information Services Show, Cleveland, OH (10/18/05)
2005 USDA/IR-4 Ornamental Workshop (10/10/05)
2005 USDA/IR-4 Food Use Workshop (09/13/05)
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