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Event: ISOPP 7

Date: July 13, 2004

Description: The 7th International Symposium on Poisonous Plants (ISOPP7) will be held June 6-10, 2005, in Logan, Utah. ISOPP 7 is an international meeting with a rich history of information exchange between multiple scientific disciplines on natural toxins from poisonous plants, herbs and mycotoxins and other related topics. The purpose or objective of this symposium is to exchange scientific knowledge, information, ideas and techniques between individuals on natural toxins from the plant kingdom (i.e. poisonous plants, herbs and fungi). The primary focus of the meeting is on the relationship of plant toxins and domestic livestock, although other interests are certainly welcome. This meeting is open to interested scientists and researchers or anyone interested in natural toxins. Scientists from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, as well as livestock and range managers, are encouraged to participate as one of the main successes of this symposium is to bring together different disciplines with a common interest of studying natural toxins.

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