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Crop Genetics at a glance :
Unit Brochure
National Cotton Variety Test
Uniform Soybean Test - Southern States
Research Staff:
        Arelli, Prakash (Jackson, TN)
        Bechere, Efrem
        Bellaloui, Nacer
        Erpelding, John
        Fang, David D. (Research Leader)
        Gillen, Anne
        Li, Shuxian
        Mengistu, Alemu (Jackson, TN)
        Meredith, Jr., William R. "Bill"
        Ray, Jeff
        Scheffler, Jodi
        Stetina, Salliana "Sally"
        Smith, James "Rusty"
        Turley, Rickie
        Young, Lawrence D.
        Zeng, Linghe 
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