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Cox-Foster, Diana
Research Leader
USDA-ARS-PWA Pollinating Insect-Biol., Mgmt. Syst.
Logan UT 84322

The mission of the Pollinating Insect-Biology, Management, Systematics Research is the development of non-Apis bees as crop pollinators. Such bees include, but are not limited to, mason bees, leafcutting bees, and bumble bees. Research emphasis areas for non-Apis bees include the development and improvement of commercial management systems (including pest and disease control and diagnosis), biology and natural history that relates to bee management, pollination for crop and seed production, conservation and ecology, and taxonomy and systematics. Crops that benefit from cross-pollination, especially crops that are more effectively pollinated by non-Apis bees than by honey bees or by non-Apis bees that complement or supplement honey bees, are targeted for evaluation of pollinator efficacy and improved crop production.

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