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Hummer, Kim E
Supervisory Research Horticulturist
Corvallis OR 97333

This Management Unit is one of the genebanks in the US National Plant Germplasm System. This unit was established to collect, maintain, distribute, evaluate, and document germplasm of hazelnut, strawberry, hop, mint, pear, currant, gooseberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, and specialty temperate fruit and nut crops and their wild relatives. The associated research program adheres closely to the practical problems of germplasm storage, including managing plants in a field genebank, with back-up, alternative storage in tissue culture, and cryogenics. Pathogen detection and elimination, plant genotype identity verification through morphological and molecular means, and development of seed and clonal propagation techniques are critically important research aspects that are performed to ensure the efficient operation of the genebank. This genebank supports many multi-million dollar temperate fruit, nut, and specialty crop industries throughout the US and the world. This genebank preserves invaluable diverse living plant collections for all people for all time.

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