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Upcoming Events

August 25 - SBCP Pyrolysis Group Summer Presentation to be held in Room 3008 starting at 1 pm

-  "Biomass composition and pyrolysis product yield of switchgrass cultivars grown on different field sites" to be presented by Mary Cheetham, Summer Intern, Rutgers University

-  Performance of HZSM-5 and TGRP on the deoxygenation of pyrolysis products from elephant grass" to be presented by Dr. Marcio Bezerra, Student at Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul, Natal, Brazil

-  "Separation and characterization of pyrolytic lignin from various fast pyrolysis bio-oils" to be presented by Rida Atif, Chemistry, Drexel University

-  "Extractive upgrading of fast-pyrolysis bio-oil from multiple feedstocks" to be presented by Christina Gallo, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Drexel University

August 26 - WINS Outreach Students Sponsored by ERRC FWP to be held in the Auditorium at 10 am

August 27 - SBCP Seminars to be held in Room 3008 starting at 10:30 am

-  "Effects of biomass inorganic elements on catalytic fast pyrolysis over HZSM-5" to be presented by Dr. Charles Mullen

-  "Production and analysis of pyrolysis oils from the fluidized-bed co-pyrolysis of agricultural plastic" to be presented by Dr. Christina Dorado

-  "Distillation and isolation of petrochemicals from bio-oil made by tail-gas reactive pyrolysis" to be presented by Dr. Yaseen Elkasabi

September 1 - Building closed for Labor Day

September 4 - EAP Seminar:  "Elder Care" to be held in the Auditorium at 10 am

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