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Erhan, Sevim
Center Director
(215) 233-6595
Wyndmoor PA 19038

Eastern Regional Research Center conducts fundamental, applied and developmental research on a broad spectrum of agricultural commodities with the following major thrusts: • Chemical and microbial food safety and food preservation technologies • Sustainable bioenergy and agricultural practices • Advanced dairy and food processing technologies • Edible films and active packaging technologies • Bioactive ingredients and functional foods • Biobased products We strive to develop new knowledge and technologies, and we transfer our scientific discoveries to stakeholders and clients in both private and public sectors through strategic partnerships.

Upcoming Events

August 21 - Student Reception to be held in the Auditorium at 10:30 am

August 25 - SBCP Pyrolysis Group Summer Presentation to be held in Room 3008 starting at 1 pm

-  "Biomass composition and pyrolysis product yield of switchgrass cultivars grown on different field sites" to be presented by Mary Cheetham, Summer Intern, Rutgers University

-  Performance of HZSM-5 and TGRP on the deoxygenation of pyrolysis products from elephant grass" to be presented by Dr. Marcio Bezerra, Student at Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul, Natal, Brazil

-  "Separation and characterization of pyrolytic lignin from various fast pyrolysis bio-oils" to be presented by Rida Atif, Chemistry, Drexel University

-  "Extractive upgrading of fast-pyrolysis bio-oil from multiple feedstocks" to be presented by Christina Gallo, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Drexel University

August 26 - WINS Outreach Students Sponsored by ERRC FWP to be held in the Auditorium at 10 am

August 27 - SBCP Seminars to be held in Room 3008 starting at 10:30 am

-  "Effects of biomass inorganic elements on catalytic fast pyrolysis over HZSM-5" to be presented by Dr. Charles Mullen

-  "Production and analysis of pyrolysis oils from the fluidized-bed co-pyrolysis of agricultural plastic" to be presented by Dr. Christina Dorado

-  "Distillation and isolation of petrochemicals from bio-oil made by tail-gas reactive pyrolysis" to be presented by Dr. Yaseen Elkasabi

September 1 - Building closed for Labor Day

September 4 - EAP Seminar:  "Elder Care" to be held in the Auditorium at 10 am

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